Dog chew toys serve a variety of purposes. In many instances, these products are used to help ensure optimum canine oral and dental health so that microorganisms can be effectively removed and help prevent the development of dental and oral health problems. In some cases, these are also beneficial for addressing the natural behavior of dogs to chew by giving them something a bit less destructive. For puppies however, chew toys can also serve to soothe sore gums especially during the teething process. With the 8 best chew toys for puppies in 2017, you’re now in the right position to care for your pups’ optimum dental and oral health.

Our Top 8 Chew Toys for Puppies


1Puppy KONG Toy by KONG

When it comes to dog chews, one of the most trusted names is KONG. More veterinarians trust the simple yet very effective snowman-like design of the KONG Toy that many recommend it pet owners. The Puppy KONG Toy is just a scaled down version of the Classic KONG designed for adult dogs. And because of that, you can expect the quality and usefulness of the Puppy KONG to be similar to the grownup version.

The Puppy KONG is perfect for a variety of purposes. It is used by dog trainers, canine behavior specialists, and even ordinary dog owners. The design is quite simple: just fill the Puppy KONG with its favorite treat and then use the KONG as a positive reinforcement tool which should be ideal for crate training as well as obedience training. Because the treats are safely tucked inside the snowman body of the KONG, your pet will have to work its way to get the treats. This helps dispense of excess energy from your pet so it will not feel so stressed out or anxious. One of the major reasons why puppies and grownup dogs exhibit odd behaviors is that they are frustrated or that they have plenty of psychical energies that they cannot express. Just like humans with pent-up emotions, they need an outlet with which to direct these anxious energies. This is particularly helpful among puppies that are still being house trained or are being conditioned to stay alone in your house. Many puppies have very intense separation anxieties. Giving them the Puppy KONG can help use up the energy from this form of anxiety so they will be more relaxed and stay calmer for the duration that they don’t see you.

One particularly good thing about the Puppy KONG as opposed to the Classic KONG is that the former is designed with the company’s patented teething rubber formulation which is effective in soothing the sore gums of your pup. At any rate, it will not exhibit any destructive behavior because of the pain that is often associated with tooth eruption. The Puppy KONG also makes for an excellent tool to help puppies understand what can be considered as acceptable chewing behavior and what is not. And, it’s an excellent toy, too, what with its superb bounce every time you play fetch with your pup. With close to 2,000 positive reviews, we’d say the Puppy KONG is simply an amazing product.

What We Like about It – Puppy KONG is a lot like the Classic but with a design that’s just perfect for the smaller mouths and more active behavior of puppies.

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2Just for Puppies Starter Kit Bone Puppy Dog Chew Toys by Nylabone

Designed specifically for the chewing behavior of dogs, the Nylabone Just for Puppies Starter Kit Bone Puppy Dog Chew Toys are one of the most sough-after products by pet owners perhaps because of its classic bone design. Unlike the KONG however, you cannot put any treat on the Nylabone since it does not have a chamber with which to hold your pup’s favorite treats. And as such, its use in training as a form of treat in positive reinforcement activities may be somewhat limited if not utterly useless. But this is not to say that the Nylabone Starter Kit Bone is any less effective in training puppies about non-destructive chewing. It still is. However, if there’s one thing that is truly an advantage for the Nylabone Starter Kit Bone compared to the Puppy KONG, that would be its inherent dental design. Once your pup starts chewing on the Nylabone Starter Kit Bone, the bristles will start to show, helping to brush the debris off your pup’s teeth and gums. This also helps remove any tartar or plaque that has built up over the course of a few months. This significantly improves oral health by eliminating disease-causing bacteria and other microorganisms that may lead to gingivitis or periodontal disease in your pooch. The prevention of periodontal diseases is very important as failure to do so can have a tremendous impact on your pooch’s overall health, particularly its cardiovascular system. The Nylabone Starter Kit Bone also comes in 3 different flavors so your pup is sure to have a heyday chewing down on these toys.

What We Like about It – The Nylabone Starter Kit Bone has a very unique mechanism for cleaning your puppy’s teeth, ensuring optimum oral health in the process.

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3Just for Puppies Ring Bone Puppy Dog Teething Chew Toy by Nylabone

So, what’s the difference between the Nylabone Starter Kit Bone and the Nylabone Just for Puppies Ring Bone Puppy Dog Teething Chew Toy? The fact that the Nylabone Ring Bone is made of super safe, highly durable, yet chewable material, this simply means that you will never have to buy another puppy chew ever again. Nylabone Ring Bone doubles as a pull toy which can also help provide for an excellent play time for puppies. What are really remarkable, however, about this product are the ridges that form the surface of the Ring Bone. These apply pressure on the gums especially of teething pups. It thus, helps relieve the soreness that puppies get because of a slowly erupting tooth. Rather than giving them pain reliever or even an anti-inflammatory, the Nylabone Ring Bone provides a much safer solution to teething pains. And if all teeth have already erupted, the Ring Bone can serve its primary purpose of removing plaque and tartar off your pup’s teeth surfaces. At the very least, you’ll feel more confident that your pup will never have to suffer from periodontal or canine gum diseases and help prevent the development of more serious problems of the heart valves. The Nylabone Ring Bone is also excellent as a pull toy. Rather than your pup pulling and chewing on things in your home that it is not supposed to chew and pull, your pup now has something non-destructive to both provide for hours of fun and satisfy your pup’s innate chewing and pulling behavior.

What We Like about It – The Nylabone Ring Bone may not be as popular as the Puppy KONG or the Nylabone Starter Kit Bone but it sure is a more durable, longer lasting alternative to puppy chews.

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4Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy by Nylabone

Love Nylabone but wish they had a different presentation? How about a puppy dog chew that’s shaped like a T Rex, then? The Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy provides a uniquely more fun way to address your pup’s destructive chewing habits. Flavored as chicken, your pup will simply adore chomping down on the Nylabone Dental Dinosaur, making it one of the most popular puppy chews that are designed to last a long time. The dinosaur design also helps stimulate the curiosity of your pup and may even stimulate the inner predatory instinct inside. This provides for a great toy which all pups will surely enjoy. The major advantage of the Nylabone Dental Dinosaur is the integration of what Nylabone calls massaging nubs all over the reptile’s body. These nubs or protrusions are what provide relief to sore gums during those times when your pup is shedding its deciduous teeth in exchange for more permanent ones. The nubs also serve as large bristles that can “sweep” bacteria and “scrape” tartar or plaque off their teeth. This helps ensure your pup will grow to have a healthier oral cavity, preventing the development of gum diseases that, in turn, can lead to other health problems. And with close to 3,000 Amazon consumers and reviewers already casting their votes on whether this should be considered a great product or not, it is easy to see why more than 3 out of 5 reviewers gave it a perfect 5.0 stars.

What We Like about It – For a more fun and exciting way to address your pup’s destructive chewing behavior, teething concerns, and overall dental health concerns, the Nylabone Dental Dinosaur is a superb solution.

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5Mini Dental Chew Pack by Petstages

Available in 3 different chew and pull toys, Petstages’ Mini Dental Chew Pack provides three different solutions to three different challenges faced by almost every other puppy today. These include the need for playtime and excellent dental health and addressing a pup’s growing chewing behavior. Made of a variety of surfaces from hard to soft, textured to smooth and knobby, the Petstages Mini Dental offers pet owners the ability to play fetch or even tug-of-war with their puppies but in a very safe and non-destructive way. At any rate, your puppy will not be pulling on your socks or even chewing down on the legs of your furniture because it will know that only the Petstages Mini Dental can provide it the much-needed mental and physical stimulation to become a happy and well-balanced pup. The materials used in the construction of the Petstages product guarantee durability and strength especially against the toughest and most aggressive chewers. Best of all, the ridges on the ropes help brush soft tartar or even plaque that may have already formed on your pup’s teeth. This establishes and maintains healthier dentition for juvenile dogs. More importantly, the hard surfaces on the Petstages Mini Dental can also help soothe the gums of teething pups so they will feel much more comfortable and will not pester you with their constant whining. The colorful knots also provide visual appeal that may be of particular interest to your puppy.

What We Like about It – The Petstages Mini Dental combines soft and hard materials to provide your puppy the best solution for all of its playtime, dental health, and chewing needs.

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6Dog Chew Toy Puppy Teeth Cleaning Knotted Puppies Tug Toy by MR. PLAY

It’s colorful and it’s full of ridges that are perfect for your pup’s dental needs. That’s the best description we could ever come up for the MR. PLAY Dog Chew Toy puppy Teeth Cleaning Knotted Puppies Tug Toy. We know the name is quite long but let us just say that it’s a tug toy and a dental cleaning aid specifically designed for your puppy. The knotted ends of the MR. PLAY Teeth Cleaning Tug Toy provides the necessary anchor for the teeth of your pup as it tries to pull on one end and you pulling on the other. There’s going to be great fun tugging each other. It’s better than tugging on the leg of your pants or even your socks, don’t you think? And even if your puppy is not playing tug with you, it will never feel bored as the different textures on the puppy chew is sure to keep it entertained for hours on end. The beauty of the MR. PLAY Teeth Cleaning Tug Toy is in the middle section that is filled with ridges. Every time your pup tries to sink its teeth into this section, you can be sure that the ridges or knobs will be alleviating any pain felt by your puppy from teething. The smaller ridges, together with the multilayered fabric, can also help prevent the development of gum diseases. Your puppy will surely grow to become a much healthier dog with this around.
What We Like about It – The MR. PLAY Teeth Cleaning Tug Toy has a simple yet very interesting design that is guaranteed to keep your puppy entertained. It’s also great for optimum dental health.

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7Puppy Chew Teething Rope Toy Small Set Mini Dental Pack by Activpet

Designed like the Petstages Mini Dental Chew Pack, Activpet’s Puppy Chew teething Rope Toy Small Set Mini Dental Pack, however, is quite different in that there are no hard elements to its design. The Activpet Puppy Chew only has soft multilayered fabric that is designed to prevent tartar and plaque development. However, since the fabric materials on the Activpet are compressed tightly, these can serve to massage the gums of puppies that are undergoing teething. This helps provide for a more comfortable teething experience. The product is also designed for optimizing playtime with puppies as these are excellent toys for playing toss and fetch. Now, you get to ensure your puppy’s optimum dental and oral health while also giving it the opportunity to exercise and play.

What We Like about It – The Activpet Puppy Chew may not be as popular as the others in this list. Nonetheless, it provides a safe and effective alternative.

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8Puppy Toys Dog Chew Bone Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers by MR. PLAY

If you’re looking for a really longer lasting puppy chew especially designed for aggressive chewers, then MR.PLAY’s Puppy Toys Dog Chew Bone is just what you need. It’s actually similar to MR. PLAY’s other product in this list except that it does not include knotted fabric. Instead, it’s made of indestructible material that’s guaranteed to last longer than the lifespan of your pet. Each of these toys is designed with ridges to help massage gums while also sweeping away food particles and other debris that can become a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria. Since the product is made of indestructible material, you can rest assured that your puppy or small dog will have endless fun chewing on it. It’s thus, great for keeping your puppy or dog happy so that it grows to be a well-balanced dog. And we all know what this means, too. It simply means that you will have no problems caring for your pet as it will be responding to your commands in a very positive way.

What We Like about It – The MR. PLAY Puppy Toys Chew Bone is perfect for aggressive chewers. Its indestructible design helps guarantee durability.

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How We Chose the Best Puppy Chew Toys in Our List

Just like any other project that we had, it was crucial to first obtain a more concrete understanding of what puppy chew toys are for. This is to help us better choose the right products to share with you. First, the functionality of the item was determined. This was very important since there are those that are designed to be used as a plaything only while there are also those that cater to the chewing habits or behaviors of doggies. It was imperative for us to look at a variety of features that have been built-into the product to make sure these provide a host of benefits as well.

Customer experiences with these products were also considered. While we did see a few products that have 5 star ratings, the number of reviewers for that particular item somehow limited the veracity of its usefulness. It is clear that items that have a substantially greater number of reviewers and users coupled with a sufficiently high consumer product rating are almost always guaranteed a place in our listing. For items that may have questionable ratings, we delved into the reasons of consumers why they think the product doesn’t deserve a higher rating. These reviews are quite subjective so we wanted to know if there really is a basis to the negative comments.

The safety of the product was also determined. While dogs are not humans, they are nonetheless, also vulnerable to chemical imbalances, infections, and other health problems. It is thus, important that the products do not leach chemicals that may be harmful to our furry four-legged mutts. Part of the safety profile of the product was the overall trustworthiness of the company that made it. Reputable companies can always be relied on to deliver, not only high quality products, but also safe ones.

Keeping Our Dogs’ Teeth Healthy

Just as oral health is important for excellent health in humans, dogs too, require a healthy oral cavity and teeth so they will be adequately protected from a variety of systemic diseases associated with canine periodontal disease. Like us, dogs, too require meticulous oral and dental health care to help prevent health problems. Unfortunately, they don’t have hands to brush and floss their teeth. But there are some ways we can do to help keep dogs’ teeth healthy and clean. Here’s how.

  • Use a dedicated doggie toothpaste. As much as possible, don’t use human toothpaste to brush and clean your pup’s or dog’s teeth as these contain ingredients that are considered harmful to dogs. Canine toothpastes are especially formulated so that dogs don’t need to rinse anymore.
  • If a canine toothpaste is not available, you can manually clean your dog’s teeth by wrapping a piece of moistened gauze around your finger, dab it in baking soda, and gently rub against your dog’s teeth.
  • Always give your dog good food as the correct nutrients will help guarantee healthier teeth structure and healthier gums, too. If you have to give your dog fruits and vegetables, choose those that don’t contain starch and too much sugar as these can hasten the development of plaque and tartar.
  • Offer dried meats as these are considered excellent chew treats. The chewing action will help keep your dog’s teeth sparkling clean. You can also give chew toys. As we have already presented in this review, there are a variety of chew toys you can choose from.
  • Consider giving your dog raw bones especially the larger ones. Don’t give chicken bones or any other small bone as these can break or produce splinters which can injure your dog.

The Bottom Line

Caring for our dog’s teeth is crucial to ensuring their optimum health. Helping them act out their innate chewing instincts also help to create a more well-balanced puppy and dog. With the 8 best chew toys for puppies, you can ensure these and more.


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