Just like babies, puppies also go through the stages of teething. The behavior where our adorable pups seem to like nipping and biting all the time has been misinterpreted by many newbie pet owners as an indication of natural puppy behavior or, worse, an indication of bad behavior in the pup. What we may overlook is the fact that they may already be budding their teeth. If so, here are 10 of the best toys for teething puppies in 2016.

10 Best Toys for Teething Puppies


1Just for Puppies Ring Bone Puppy Dog Teething Chew Toy by Nylabone

With ridges on all of its surfaces, this Nylabone product is excellent for aiding in your pup’s teething issues. The bristles found along its surfaces also help clean the budding teeth so your pup’s dentition will grow healthier, preventing the nasty buildup of disease-causing tartar and dental plaques. Just like teething in babies, chewing on these devices will help soothe the pain that is often associated with the process. At any rate, you will be ensuring the optimum dental health of your pup preventing periodontal diseases. At the same time, you are not suppressing the natural instincts of your puppy to chew and bite. The beauty of the Nylabone Puppy Teething Chew Toy is that your pet can actually use it even though it has already grown into a full sized adult dog.

What We Like about It – We have always associated Nylabone with quality canine products. With its superb quality and excellent ridged design, you can bet your young mutt will be able to grow a lot healthier.

2Puppy KONG Toy by KONG

All of us know what KONG products stand for. And this is not entirely different with their Puppy KONG Toy. It is pretty much like the Classic KONG except that this version is designed specifically for pups as well as adult canines that may have dentition or periodontal problems. You simply need to fill the compartment or chamber with their favorite puppy nutrition so they’ll be striking two birds with one bite: helping them relieve the many discomforts associated with teething and ensuring them optimum nutrition. The surface of the Puppy KONG is built with a rubber formula that is specific to puppy teething issues. If you have a toy dog breed, this is quite exceptional as well as it is designed for even the toughest, most tenacious of chewers.

What We Like about It – KONG products are unquestionable when it comes to quality and safety. You’ll never go wrong with any of these kinds of canine toys.

3Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy by Nylabone

Are you wondering how your young mutt will respond to an odd-shaped device? Stimulate the predatory instinct of your baby mutt with the Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy. This Nylabone is impregnated with rich and succulent chicken flavors so your young mutt will have a very pleasant experience nibbling on this item. The surface of the edible T Rex will help baby pooches soothe whatever discomforts they may be experiencing because of teeth eruption. There’s also an additional benefit: the ridges on the edible T Rex can help prevent the accumulation of plaques and tartar which can harbor harmful fungi and bacteria that can produce periodontal diseases.

What We Like about It – The Nylabone T Rex is a fun way to discourage destructive chewing in your baby mutt. It’s also excellent in relieving boredom.

4Dog Toy Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick by Petstages

Our canine friends are naturally attracted to critters and other crawlers primarily because these are seen as prey. While the Petstages Cool Teething Stick is not actually a critter, it is nonetheless shaped like one complete with very colorful legs, body, head, and tail. Young canines will be naturally curious about the design and the colorful body of the Petstages Cool Stick enabling them to nibble on it with gusto. But there’s another feature of this product that pet owners simply love. Put it inside your freezer and once the outer shell has frozen, you can take it out and give it to your young mutt. The combination of the textured surface plus the cooling effect of the Pestages Cool Stick will help soothe the sore gums of your puppy. This helps prevent your young dog from becoming frustrated because of the discomforts of teeth eruption. The frozen delight also provides adequate stimulation by mimicking the crunch of a shellfish. As the outer frozen shell cracks, your young Fido will find delight in the textured surface.

What We Like about It – The Petstages Cool Stick has a very unique, fun, and useful design. Since it can be frozen, the cold temperature of the stick can help in soothing gum soreness.

5Just for Puppies Starter Kit Bone Puppy Dog Chew Toys by Nylabone

If you have several pups that you have to tend to, then you must have at least several pieces of chew toys. Instead of buying them one by one, you’ be better off getting the Nylabone Starter Kit. This set of 3 is excellent for ensuring healthier teeth and gums for our young canine friends. There’s one that is specifically designed for puppies, another for encouraging their healthier and nondestructive chewing habits, and another for aiding in optimum nutrition. Pups will love the chicken and bacon flavors of the Nylabone Starter Kit and should help them feel more confident about chewing.

What We Like about It – The flavors are well-loved by dogs. And since you’re essentially buying three, you’ll have more freedom in what you’re going to give them.

6Puppy Toys Dog Chew Bone by Mr. Play

If you want something your pet pooch is going to love, Mr. Play’s Puppy Toys Dog Chew Bone is the one to get. This is a set of toy dog chews built specifically for aggressive chewers and puppies whose teeth are already erupting. The smooth yet otherwise sturdy construction of the ball and dog bone-shaped toys can aid in the management of sore gums making the teething process more comfortable for young Fido. This also helps prevent destructive chewing so you don’t have to concern yourself about your expensive furniture being nibbled at by your lovable pet. These toys also help provide for a cleaner and healthier teeth.

What We Like about It – You have 2 choices to give your pet: a bone-shaped toy or a ball complete with knobs. It may have a simple design but it’s quite effective.

7Dog Chew Toy Puppy Teeth Cleaning Knotted Dog Rope Toy by Mr. Play

Dogs love playing with balls, especially tennis balls. For your pet pup, you may want to give it Mr. Play’s Puppy Teeth Cleaning Knotted Rope toy. Just imagine a figure 8 rope with a colorful tennis ball at the junction of the 8. The tough surface of the knotted rope can help stimulate the gums of your puppy. And when your pet grows, it will still have something to play with. Just make sure that you know how to properly train your canine friend about retrieving and releasing items.

What We Like about It – The ingenious design of the Mr. Play product makes it an ideal grow-up toy for your young pet.

8Multi-Layer Dog Chew Ball by ATESSON

Designed, in principle, like the KONG, the ATESSON Multi-layer Dog Chew Ball is an extraordinarily effective way to stimulate your pup’s healthy mouthing behaviors, enhancing their good temperament, address their teething concerns, and provide lots of fun. It’s a fun ball within another fun ball complete with knobs for massaging your pup’s gums and feeding holes with which to retrieve whatever doggie treats you place inside. It also makes for a perfect instrument of fetch for your young doggie friend. This way, you will be able to train it properly while addressing other doggie concerns.

What We Like about It – This ATESSON product has a very intriguing yet stylish and functional design. It should be an excellent addition to your other canine training tools.

9Petite Puppy Chew Toy by Nylabone

For those with small breeds of dogs, you’ll also need a smaller chew toy. Nylabone has the perfect product for this with the Petite Puppy Chew Toy. The Nylabone Petite is just right for satisfying your pet’s innate urge to bite, nibble, and chew. Its knobby surface soothes your pet’s gums while also preventing the formation of tartar or dental plaque.

What We Like about It – The small size of the Nylabone Petite is perfect for the smaller mouths of certain canine breeds.

10Puppy Chew Teething Rope Toy Set by Activpet 

Composed of 4 different canine toys, the Activpet Puppy Chew Teething Rope Toy Set is the perfect gift you can give to your beloved furry friend. These are ideal for helping it to develop into a well-balanced dog. The rope can be used in a game of tug-of-war. However, it is essential that you train your pup to recognize you as its pack leader. Otherwise, you may end up with behaviorally maladjusted young dog. The teething rope is also excellent for helping prevent the development of plaque. This way, you are also ensuring that your dog will be healthier.

What We Like about It – With 4 different canine toys to choose from, you’ll definitely have something that your pup will love.

How We Chose the Top Puppy Teethers in Our List

Almost similar to choosing the best teethers for babies, we also had to look for durability, quality, and safety in all of the products that we have included in our list. This is very crucial as the teething toy for pups must be able to withstand the growing bite force of our young mutts. Just imagine if the product will disintegrate in just a matter of a few bites and nips, then you’d be left with no other choice but to buy another one. As such, durability is a very important consideration for us. Of course, it should not really be as tough as metal but it should be able to do its primary purpose.

This brings us to the quality of the puppy teether. Some companies do provide a much better quality product simply because they understand what baby dogs really need especially when it comes to tooth budding. This often comes with experience as well as the amount of care they place in both the design and manufacture of these dog products.

The puppy teether device must also be safe. As much as possible, we had to look for signs of edibleness so that, in case our pups really do exert their forceful bite, they will not have stomach problems should they inadvertently ingest small bits and pieces that have been torn off the teething toy. At any rate, this should give you the peace of mind that your puppy is perfectly safe biting and chewing at the teether.

Helping Your Young Dog Develop Good Mouth Manners

It is natural for any dog, or any animal for that matter, to bite. However, like any other behavior, dogs can be trained not to bite, or at least, bite less frequently or with less force. It should be understood that dog behavior is a reflection of their confidence and level of comfort in their surroundings. A dog that is confident and feels comfortable in its surroundings has a small likelihood of forceful biting. Instead, it will be engaged in gentle mouthing or more “polite” biting, if there is even such a thing as polite biting. As such, it is very important that we include bite-inhibition training in the obedience training of our pups.

Here are some tips on how we can help our puppies learn appropriate mouth manners.

  • Let pups socialize with fellow pups. 

As much as possible we should not remove a pup from the litter if they haven’t reached 8 weeks old left. The socialization they obtain from their siblings can do a lot of benefits especially related to appropriate social interaction from their moms as well as littermates. This also include the application of a more appropriate bite force when playing. Pups learn from one another if a bite is too strong that it causes pain already. Removing a pup from its litter even before it learns this essential behavior is tantamount to uncontrolled biting and nipping behavior when they grow up.

  • Learn the different stages of puppy teething. 

Since biting in dogs is inherently tied to their teething concerns, it is important that you also recognize the different stages of puppy teething. Even before your pup has reached its 1st month of life, it should already have tooth buds in its jaw such that by around 6 weeks, you can already expect about 28 milk teeth or baby teeth. It is also by this time that they can already be weaned off their mom’s milk. These puppy teeth are usually replaced by the time they reach 6 months or maybe even older. Did you know they have 42 teeth all in all?

  • Consider getting your pup to a puppy class. 

Since we’re talking about bite-inhibition training, it is often advisable to get your puppy into a training class but you have to wait until they are already 8 weeks old. Before, the age of beginning training was placed at 6 months. However, because there have been issues of puppy behavior that are more challenging to correct if they have already reached 6 months, many vets now recommend the 8-week old rule.

  • Arm yourself with plenty of chew toys.

Don’t use your hands nor even the hands of your kids as the chew toy of your pup. Instead, get them a chew toy and plenty of it. Don’t forget to supervise your pup every time it is playing with these types of canine toys.

  • Practice hand-feeding your pup.

One of the essential benefits of puppy training is the enhancement of your bond with the little mutt. Hand-feeding your pup can go a long way towards teaching it how to exert just the right amount of bite force so it will not hurt you. Moreover, this greatly enhances the bond that exists between the two of you. This can make training a whole lot easier while also helping your puppy to become a well-balanced mutt.

  • Train your pup around your other well-mannered adult dogs. 

Just as role modeling is important among children, dog role modeling is also beneficial for puppies. It will be especially useful if you can get your pup to play with well-mannered adult dogs. This greatly enhances their social skills which can also help them adjust their mouth manners. This also helps enhance their mental and physical development so grow to be well-behaved dogs, too.

The Bottom Line

There’s a lot we can teach our pups. As we cannot really erase their evolutionary biting behavior, we can nevertheless, help them to be well-mannered when it comes to biting. And a good way to start is by giving them any of the top ten toys for teething puppies.

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