Pets deserve lots of love and affection, nutritious food, and lots of exercise. When we say exercise, it doesn’t have to be anything serious. As long as they are able to stretch and work their muscles, run as free as they possibly can, and do most of the stuff that they would otherwise do if they were in the wild, then it’s classified as good exercise. If you have a pet cat, you’ll want to give them one of our 10 best cat toys in 2017. At any rate, you’ll be ensuring their fitness while also giving them plenty of fun.

10 Best Cat Toys

1Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy by Bergan

If you’re wondering why our feline friends just love to stretch their slender bodies and then scratch posts and other surfaces with all their passion? Well, it turns out it’s their way of sharpening their claws so that they’re better equipped to pounce on their prey. One of the best playthings you can ever give to your furry feline is the Bergan Turbo Scratcher. It has a very simple disk shape design that, if you’re not really going to look closely, will make you think it’s just a very shallow dish. But the thing is, the Bergan Turbo Scratcher has a built-in circular scratch pad in the middle so your feline friend can scratch and sharpen its claws as often as it needs to. This saves your carpet, your lamp posts, and the legs of your furniture a great deal as our furry friends are known quite literally to scratch their paws on these objects. No more shredded carpets and rugs. No more scratched wooden furniture. Also, surrounding the Bergan Turbo Scratcher’s pad is a channel where your feline can nudge a small ball with either its nose or its paws, much like what they will normally do with a pretty. Designed to give your kitty absolute fun while also tending to its natural predatory instincts, the Bergan Turbo Scratcher is one unique plaything for the kitties in our lives.

What We Like about It – While it’s not really a dedicated toy for kitties, it does make for an excellent furniture-saver. Your feline pet will no longer be messing with your furniture.

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2Teaser Cat Catcher Wand by Go Cat

Designed to mimic a prey dangling from a branch, the Teaser Cat Catcher Wand is one truly interactive feline plaything that will surely keep your pet busy for any hours. The dangling piece is shaped like a rat with a bulky body and a long and slender tail. Made of highly durable materials, the Teaser can withstand repeated pouncing and swiping from any feline breed. It’s more like fishing for your pet as the Teaser comes with a 36-centimeter rod for you to hold it while teasing your kitty with the “tiger tail”. The “line” is made of durable and highly flexible wire so there’s no worry of it snapping or being cut unlike other playthings of the same kind that are made of fabric strings. Now, there are safety concerns about the flexible wire as it can get entangled around your pet’s neck or even limbs. That’s why it is always recommended to never leave the Teaser lying around in your home as your furry pal might play with it unsupervised. Like all things that we allow our pets to play with, it is best to use with our supervision.

What We Like about It – The Teaser is one effective plaything for cats as it stimulates their natural tendencies to become the mighty predators that they are.

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3Skitter Critters Cat Toys Catnip Mice by SmartyKat

While the Skitter Critters Catnip Mice is not the lovable mice, Jerry, from the Tom and Jerry series we as kids have grown to love through the years, it does make for an excellent object of interest for any kitty. The pack already comes with three very colorful mice that are sure to stimulate the inner predatory instincts of your pet. Each of these Catnip Skitter Critters are filled with safe and high grade fiber made from eco-friendly 100 percent recycled plastic. There are also no pesticides nor chemicals involved in its production. You can rest assured that whatever your furry pet decides to do with these make-believe critters, it will remain safe. It’s no wonder more than a thousand pet owners have left their very positive reviews about the product. It’s as close to the real prey of these furry pets. You can just imagine the excitement building inside them every time you bring these critters out for your feline to play with.

What We Like about It – The Catnip Skitter Critters is the perfect interactive cat toys we can ever give to our beloved pets. The design is made in such a way that it stimulates our furry pal’s innate behavior while giving them something to be busy with.

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4Tower of Tracks Cat Toy by Petstages

If dogs love to play catch, felines love to play with balls, too. The rolling movement of balls mimic the scampering behavior of prey in the wild. Pounce on the ball and it rolls away. Try to hold it and it simply slips off their paws. Capitalizing on this unique feline behavior, Petstages decided to create the Tower of Tracks which is – how shall we put it? – 4 different sized plates stacked on top of each other. Technically, the stacked disks create a channel in between each disk where a small ball, but large enough not to fit in the space created between disks, can spin and roll around the track that has been created. Felines will have hours of fun trying to bat and nudge these three balls from their tracks. It will try to swipe them hard in the hope of prying one with their paws. But the balls will never go anywhere. So does the Tower of Tracks as its bottom is fully lined with non-skid pads. No amount of batting and aggressive playing will ever dislodge the Tower from its position. And even if it does tip over, the balls are not going anywhere.

What We Like about It – The Tower of Tracks is one simple yet effective feline plaything which is guaranteed to keep your pet busy. At least, it’s not going to be swiping at your furniture anymore.

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5Just for Kitty Frenzy Cat Toy by HARTZ

What if you could give your feline pal not one, not two, but twelve beautiful and colorful imitation mice to play with? Just imagine the endless fun that your kitty will be having with these kitty toys. Just pour the pack of HARTZ Just for Kitty Frenzy on the floor or even on your pet’s play area and leave it be. Let your pet explore these different creations complete with their furry bodies and slender tails. Watch your kitty take a swipe or even bat these furry objects. Now, if you’re concerned about the safety of Tom, don’t be. The HARTZ Just for Kitty is manufactured with only the safest yet most durable materials you can find. Even if you’ve got an Abyssinian, a Burmilla, or even a Cornish Rex that are known for their playful nature, you’ll feel more confident about their safety with the Just for Kitty Frenzy. These things are guaranteed to keep your feline’s interest for longer hours. When playtime’s over, all they’ll ever need is a place to rest and no more time for scratching your furniture.

What We Like about It – The Kitty Frenzy is one perfect way to keep your felines happy and content. They’ll never be frustrated anymore as they’re able to direct their energies on more constructive ways.

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6Cat Charmer Wand Teaser Toy by Cat Dancer Products

Looking for cat toys for indoor cats? How about the Charmer Wand Teaser? Designed like the rope that dancers, figure skaters, and even gymnasts use during their routines, the Charmer Wand is a superb teaser that will surely capture the fascination and enjoyment of any feline breed. Since the Charmer Wand’s rope is made of fabric and not wire, you should at least feel more secure as there’s less likelihood that it will hurt your beloved kitty. However, we’d still recommend caution as this can get entangled around their bodies and necks if we let them to play with the Charmer Wand Teaser on their own. As responsible owners of these lovely pets, it’s up to us to keep their playtime safe. As such, we should be wise enough to store these toys out of their reach until we’re ready to play with them. The colorful fabric rope should be gentle to your feline pet and keep it amused for longer periods. The wand itself is made of polycarbonate so it is comfortable to grip. Be the fairy to your pet and let it follow the movement of your magical wand.

What We Like about It – The multicolor nature of the Charmer Wand makes for an interesting plaything for felines. At least, you’ll keep your cat super busy, it’ll drain its energy that it won’t have enough left to direct its attention on your furniture.

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720-Pc Cat Toys Variety Pack for Kitty by Fashion’s Talk

If it’s variety that you’re actively looking for, the 20-piece Variety Pack for Kitty should provide your pet with enough variety to last its lifetime. With a dazzling array of playthings to choose from, your feline friend will never be bored ever again. Drain its energy so it will not direct this into other non-constructive endeavors like ripping your mattress apart, scratching on your carpet, or even leaving marks all over the place. Got an aquarium that your kitty is eyeing to fish? Then give it the fish-like plaything in the Fashion Talk. There are furry balls, colorful feathers, catnips, enticing mice, and a whole lot more to keep your feline’s attention glued to these objects and away from the precious furniture in your home. As always, we’d like to caution you against letting your pets play with these unsupervised or unattended. While these items are made of safe materials, they can still pose some risks especially if you have young kids at home.

What We Like about It – The sheer number of the toys to choose from in one convenient packaging is simply astounding. At least, your pet will now never get bored as it will have plenty of items to choose from.

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8Design Senses Play Circuit by Catit

Remember the marble run that kids love to play with? Well, the Design Senses Play Circuit is built primarily to mimic this kiddie play set, giving the opportunity for your felines to try and follow the movement of the ball through the tunnels only to appear very briefly on some open section. Your kitty will try to pounce on the ball as it emerges in these openings before it disappears again into the tunnel. It would really be fascinating to see kitties play in amazement with the Design Senses as they try to figure out just when the ball will pop out from the opening. It’s a great way to stimulate our pets’ innate predatory instincts as they must have lightning-quick reflexes to pounce or even bat the ball off its track. The other good thing about the Design Senses is that, like the human or kiddie marble run, you can actually expand it by purchasing additional tracks. Just imagine how much fun these kitty toys would be fully expanded.

What We Like about It – Built especially to entice feline predatory instincts, the Design Senses is a very unique way to encourage your pets to have fun while nurturing its very nature.

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95 Pack Cat Feather Interactive Toy with Small Bells and Extra Long Wand by The Giddy Kitty

If your pet needs interactive cat toys, then The Giddy Kitty Feather Interactive might be a great option. It comes with an extra-long wand, stretching 3 inches short of 3 feet, so you don’t get in the way whenever your pet begins batting, reaching, or swiping at the colorful feathery attachment. Additionally, small bells are integrated into these contraptions further stimulating your kitty’s curiosity and awaken the predatory instinct slumbering inside it. Made of non-toxic and feline-friendly materials, the Giddy Kitty feather teaser is one superb way to help nurture the innate behavior of felines in our homes. This helps ensure that they are well-balanced, happy, and well-exercised so they will not be focusing their attention on the other fixtures in your house such as your carpet and your furniture. Like they say, a playful kitty is a happy kitty. And since your kitty is happy, then you should feel a lot more comfortable at home as well.

What We Like about It – Feather teasers have always been recommended by vets as excellent cat toys for indoor cats as it helps mimic the natural prey of these animals in the wild. Nurturing this instinct helps them to become more well-balanced.

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10Pets Feather KittyStick Cat Toy by Easyology 

Mimicking the feathers of a pheasant or some other birds that cats are known to prey on, the Pets feather KittyStick is one of the best interactive cat toys you can ever find in the market. The colorful design in various patterns allow for stimulation of feline curiosity while the sturdy construction helps lengthen the lifespan of the device regardless of how often your pet takes a swipe at it or how forceful or powerful each pounce gets. The telescoping handle or wand is a welcome feature as you can easily adjust the length of the KittyStick to allow for more customized cat-fishing. Let your pet leap through the air to try to catch the bird-like contraption. Let it run around trying to pounce on the feathery attachment. However you decide to use the KittyStick, just make sure never to leave your cat alone with it. Safety in playing is as important as playing itself.

What We Like about It – The realistic design of the feather contraption makes it ideal for awakening the hunter instinct of today’s felines. The sturdy and extendable rod is also exceptional.

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How We Chose the Amazing Kitty Toys in Our List

For many picking the right kitty toys can be quite daunting. For one, we need to understand the unique behaviors of cats so we’ll have a pretty good idea of what to look for in their playthings. That’s why we had to consult with our resident animal psychologist to provide us with an overview of what naturally stimulates kitties. This is a very fundamental purpose of toys. They have to be able to stimulate development, curiosity, and fascination from those that use them regardless of whether they are humans or animals.

It is well understood that cats are natural predators. So, we had to choose interactive cat toys that can help quench their predatory thirst. If they can pounce on it or even grab it or bite on it, we’d definitely include those in our list.

However, since almost every other feline plaything is designed and manufactured to stimulate their predatory instincts, we knew we had to look for another way to come up with the magic 10 in our circle. As such, we sought only products that have an excellent reputation based on consumer ratings. This gave us an understanding of how well these cat toys for indoor cats actually fare in the real world. The experiences and observations of cat owners who’ve already bought these products for their respective pets were taken into consideration.

Another aspect that was factored in the selection process was the company’s reputation. You would agree with us that you’ll trust only those products that come from reputable brands. While these may not really be cheap cat toys, the mere fact that you can depend on its quality and safe design should more than negate any price concerns.

Feline Predatory Behavior and the Choice of Toys

We have already shared with you how we chose the kitty toys in our list. For the most part, all of these products are designed primarily for one very specific purpose: to nurture the predatory or hunting instincts of cats. It should be understood that cats are excellent predators, whether they are in the wild or right in the comforts of our homes.

While it is true that thousands of years of domestication has clearly tamed the wild cats of our times, it is impossible to completely erase the genes that dictate the hunter instincts of these animals. Nature designed them to hunt prey in order to survive especially in the wild. Even if you give them plenty of nutrition, this hunter’s instinct will always be there. You may not know it but your cat is really showing a lot of its predatory behavior. As such, in choosing toys for cats, it is imperative to understand cats’ predatory behavior.

Kittens are already programmed at birth to chase prey. Mother cats teach their kittens how to kill to survive (it’s a cruel world, we know). The learning occurs in stages until the kittens have developed the necessary skills to hunt on their own. This teaching is passed on from generation to generation. It’s already programmed in the genes of mother cats. So, there’s not much we can do about it.

Cats exhibit a variety of behaviors related to predation. They usually swipe at anything dangling off the edge of the table or chair. They will try to sneak up on you as stealthily as possible. They will try to create as less noise as possible, not wanting to draw attention to their presence. They like being perched higher than anything else so they’ll get a great view of prey underneath them.

These should always be taken into consideration when shopping for their toys. They need items that closely mimics their prey if not in terms of its appearance, at least, in terms of movement. This helps in ensuring their well-being as a genetic trait that is suppressed can lead to problems later on.

The Bottom Line

If you love your cat, then you would do almost anything to make it happy. With the 10 best cat toys in 2017, you’re now much closer to becoming a really responsible pet owner.

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