Pet grooming is an essential aspect of responsible pet ownership especially among dog owners.  Like us humans who have to cut and style our hair every so often, especially when we experience periodic hair loss, our beloved pets also require the same kind of grooming. This is especially true during those periods when our pets are shedding their hair profusely. While we don’t necessarily have to cut or trim our mutt’s hair ourselves, when they shed, it is a must that we have the correct tools for managing the hair strands that they shed. If not, we risk producing a variety of health problems for the more susceptible members of our family. For this, we’re sharing with you our 5 best vacuums for dog hair in 2017 so you’ll feel more empowered to manage either shed or cut hair from your furry beloved pet.

Our Top 5 Vacuums for Dog Hair


1Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Corded Vacuum by Bissell

The Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Corded Vacuum cleaner is a bagless type of cleaner that boasts of a multilevel type of filtration system which effectively removes any unwanted particles from your surfaces so that these don’t get recirculated into the immediate surroundings. You will also be glad to know that of the 4,300 plus Amazon customers who have shared their experiences about the Pet Hair Eraser, close to 3,000 have given it a perfect 5.0 for an overall customer satisfaction product rating of 4.4 stars. But just what does the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser have that leaves its competitors in the dust? The Pet Hair Eraser is primarily intended for the super-fast and super-efficient management of dog and pet hair as well as dry messes. It comes with two specially designed nozzle attachments to make cleaning a breeze. The flexible contour nozzle enables you to clean and manage dirt and dog hair in hard to reach areas which may have accumulated over time with continuous sweeping using an ordinary broom. This attachment is particularly useful in removing debris from your stairs, furniture, and any other upholstered item. The hard nozzle attachment is just perfect for sucking up the dry mess of your pet pooch so you don’t need to manually pick them up anymore. However, it should be worth noting that if your pooch’s poop happens to be the wet kind, then don’t expect the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser to be of any help. The hard nozzle is also effective in cleaning the interior of your car or any vehicle. It may only run on 4 amps of power but this is often enough to remove all those nasty hair that have been shed by your mutt. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is lightweight at only 4 pounds. This is a welcome feature since it helps ease the chore of cleaning. Its handle is also ergonomically designed to make sure you will never feel uncomfortable holding it. The on and off switch can be easily accessed using your fingertips. Our only lament is that it does not come with a battery-operated version. 

What We Like about It – The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is powerful, versatile, and truly effective device for picking up hair balls and fur balls from your couches, sofas, carpets, and other surfaces in your home as well as in your vehicle. We do wish, however, it came with a battery pack so you can truly bring it anywhere. 

2Wind Tunnel MAX Pet Plus Multi-Cyclonic Corded Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner by Hoover

There are people who prefer really portable pet hair cleaners and then there are those who prefer an upright type simply because they are already more familiar with its operation. Perhaps, they also believe that an upright vacuum cleaner designed specifically for pet hairs is more powerful than a portable hand-held type. Well, they may be right in these points and especially if they have already tried Hoover’s Wind Tunnel MAX Pet Plus Multi cyclonic Corded Bagless Upright cleaner. As the name implies, it’s a powerful wind tunnel designed to suck any debris or dirt or any other particle off any surface. It may not enjoy the thousands of positive reviews that the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser has. Nonetheless, the Hoover Wind Tunnel MAX Pet Plus can have its unique set of followers owing to the fact that it boasts of 3 different channels that effectively remove any dirt without having to worry about scattering these debris or particles anywhere else. The Hoover Wind Tunnel MAX Pet Plus also comes with 12 cyclones that work to efficiently separate particles before these rich the filtration system. This helps guarantee that your filter will remain free from debris for a much longer period of time, minimizing the number or frequency of filter cleaning. Perhaps the real beauty of the Hoover Wind Tunnel MAX Pet Plus is in its 7 floor feature. The Wind Tunnel MAX can be programmed for use in 7 different types of floors or surfaces. This helps provide for cleaner, more dust-free and pet hair-free surfaces regardless of the type of floor that you have. The 28-foot cord can also be easily retracted to give you optimum versatility. Cleaning in hard to reach areas is also made possible thanks to the Hoover Wind Tunnel MAX Pet Plus’ telescoping extension wand which can provide for an additional 2 feet of cleaning. It even comes with a 12 inch crevice tool attachment that is perfect for removing debris and pet hair from crevices and cracks so you’re guaranteed to have a much cleaner home. As for cleaning couches, decors, and other furniture, you can use the accompanying Pet static tool, pet turbo tool, and the dusting brush. 

What We Like about It – The Hoover Wind Tunnel MAX Pet Plus has an extensive array of features that make cleaning super easy. 

3Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum by Bissell

For fans of the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld, you may rejoice in the fact that Bissell as decided to come up with its own upright vacuum cleaner system for those who prefer such types of cleaners than the handheld versions. The good thing about the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Upright is that it is available in a variety of packages whether you require the pet hair eraser system only, the one with an advanced pet tool already bundled, the one with a Febreze post-motor filter, or even the one with a complete filter replacement kit. Whatever the case, however you decide, you can bet that the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright can help guarantee cleaner surfaces that is absolutely free from pet hairs and other debris. It features a state of the art cyclonic spooling system that effectively traps hair strands and separates them from other dirt and dust particles to allow for a fuss-free emptying. Removing this ball of hair from the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser chamber is made easy with just a press of a button. You don’t need to manually remove the hair strands from the chamber with your hands. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright also comes with a unique SmartSeal Allergen system technology that guarantees the more efficient capture and management of dust and allergens to help prevent their escape into the outside environment. The Bissell 1650A also comes with a unique edge-to-edge cleaning which allows its SuctionChannel Technology to work like a charm, effectively removing dust and other particles from the sides of the brush. This gives you a more efficient way of cleaning and picking up the balls of hair shed by your dog. Adding to the Bissell 1650A’s cleaning efficiency is its patented swivel steering allowing you to easily maneuver the vacuum head around furniture as well as any other space in your home. It also has a unique pet odor eliminator, the Febreze system, which effectively eliminates unwanted odors and freshens every surface that the Bissell 1650A gets in contact with. The Bissell 1650A also comes with unique vacuum attachments to help extend its usefulness in a variety of situations. It already includes a quick release wand, a 2-in-1 pet brush, a LED lighted crevice tool, and a pet TurboEraser tool. Now, you can be sure you’ve got all of your home’s surfaces covered. 

What We Like about It – The Bissell 1650A is a revved up version of the Pet Hair Eraser Handheld. With superb odor elimination, swivel steering, edge-to-edge cleaning, and multi-surface cleaning capabilities, this is a really fantastic piece of appliance to have in any home. 

4Pet Perfect II Cordless Hand Vac by Shark Ninja

One of the major issues when using corded vacs is that you cannot use them in areas where there are no electrical outlets. Sure you can use an electrical extension cord but the issue will still be there: it’s not portable enough to be used in areas or surfaces that you want cleaned. As such, a really good way to solve this issue is to get a battery-operated vac that can also be plugged into any electrical outlet. This way you get the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, Shark Ninja’s Pet Perfect II Cordless Hand Vac only operates as a rechargeable cordless vac. It doesn’t have the capability to be operated while plugged directly to DC; which is, in our opinion, is quite a shame, since failure in the battery system can significantly undermine the whole usefulness of the product. You would be amazed that that this is the same sentiment of the 1 out of 5 Amazon reviewers who rated the product a low 1.0 star. They all claim that the design integrity of the Pet Perfect II is undermined by failures in its battery. Some have reported loss of charging capabilities in only a matter of 2 weeks while some say the battery has failed to charge the second time it was used. And while these customers were provided with replacement batteries, it never really last that long. Well, you can say that 22 percent is no big deal. However, it does become a deal-breaker for some. Nevertheless, Shark Ninja’s Pet Perfect II remains a very effective vac, if you can forgive its battery woes. It features what it calls a twister cyclonic technology which is just a marketing term for the cyclone motion of its suction force. This enables the Pet Perfect II to remove pet hairs and other materials off any surface, whether it is in your home or in your vehicle. It comes with a TruePet motorized brush that allows it to pick up strands and balls of hair and fur from a variety of surfaces. It also has a crevice tool attachment which is ideal for cleaning cracks, spaces, and crevices that ordinary nozzle systems simply cannot clean. There’s also a dusting brush for bigger or larger particles that need to be scrubbed off the surface before being suctioned into the chamber of the Pet Perfect II. The battery is rated 18 volts and can be recharged using its charging stand or even the accompanying wall mount. As we have already said, if the battery issues don’t really matter that much to you, then we’d highly recommend the Shark Ninja Pet Perfect II. 

What We Like about It – The Shark Ninja Pet Perfect II provides portable cleaning where it is needed most. Unfortunately, there are serious issues about the integrity of its battery system. 

5DeeBot N78 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner by Ecovacs 

For homes that already are operating on smart home technologies, you don’t need either a corded or even a cordless vac that you still have to manually hold to clean the areas that you want vacuumed. You will need the Ecovacs DeeBot N78 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner to simplify things for you. The DeeBot N78 is all you’ll ever need to pick up the pet dog hairs and other dirt and debris off your floor. Simply turn it on, choose the right mode – be it Auto, Edge, or Spot – and let the DeeBot N78 do its thing. It has built-in infrared sensors which allow it to steer clear off the edges of furniture and other obstacles. It’s like it has a mind of its own. It also has a mopping system, albeit optional. This system allows the DeeBot N78 to sweep and vacuum your floor surfaces in just a single pass. This truly amazing system has powerful suction to pick up pet hairs, dirt, and debris in a very efficient way. It features a battery that can last 110 minutes vacuuming your room while you lay around doing the things you love best. And when the battery is near-empty, the DeeBot N78 automatically goes to its charging station and charges up. There is no need for any human intervention. The DeeBot N78 automatically performs the cleaning and vacuuming of your house. Do understand however, that if the DeeBot N78 were used in a room that is different from the room where the charging dock is located, then you may need to relocate the dock so that the DeeBot N78 can safely and automatically return to its dock for charging. Another thing you have to understand is that the DeeBot N78 can only be used on hard even surfaces such as your floor. It can never be used on furniture or even in your car. So, despite its obvious technological advances, it still has very limited functionality. Nevertheless, the mere fact that it automates the cleaning process makes it very appealing to tech-oriented families. 

What We Like about It – The DeeBot N78 is a superb piece of dog hair vacuum technology that is only let down by its inability to clean surfaces other than a hard floor.

How We Chose the Best Vacuums to Manage Dog Hair Shedding in Our List

Three essential parameters were deemed important in our search of the best devices to suck out dust, dirt, debris, and dog hair off the surfaces of your home. These were functionality, portability, and ease of operation and maintenance.

First, the gadget must be highly functional when it comes to the removal of dirt and debris off any surfaces.  It would be a shame to include something that cannot even pick up a single strand of hair, much less an entire ball of fur. These must also come with attachments or mechanisms that will allow them to reach areas that are usually difficult to clean by hand. Unfortunately, even with the published specifications of such products, there was no way we can ever assure that these will work. As such, we let the product reviews and customer feedbacks provide confirmation for our initial assessment. The experiences of customers on the use of these gadgets were thus, taken into consideration especially in the light of its ability to remove or pick up dog hair off any surface.

Second, the product must be portable or at least will not require tremendous amount of energy just to bring it from its storage area, operate it, and then bring it back again for storage. While we did include a few standing vacuums, we made sure that these were not really cumbersome or tedious to carry around the house. Of course, mechanisms that will allow users to move these gadgets or appliances with relative ease were also considered.

Third, these gadgets must be easy to clean as well as maintain. If it would require a professional to keep it in optimum operating function, then you’d just be wasting your money. Hence, it was imperative that these appliances were very easy to clean. Their upkeep was also not very complicated so you will feel more confident about keeping and using it all the time.

While these three factors were our primary considerations in choosing the best vacuum cleaners for dog hair in 2017, we also looked at other built-in features which may not be present in other brands. It was also critical to examine how these unique features can be translated into tangible or even observable benefits.

A Closer Look at Why Pet Hair Needs to be Vacuumed

If you don’t have a family member who has hypersensitivity reactions or allergic reactions, then you clearly don’t have anything to worry about your pet’s excessive shedding of its hair. You will only be worrying about the strands of hair that stick on your clothes, other fabric materials, and even the upholstery of your furniture. Yes, these may be quite minor issues but they can pose real problems in the long run.

Experts agree that pets can affect the quality of indoor air. When they shed, they also release into the air dead skin cells and other cellular debris which can get airborne and wreak havoc in the respiratory system of even otherwise healthy individuals. This cellular debris is called dander and has been implicated in the development of certain respiratory conditions. In most cases, it is believed that dander can impact sinus and lung health. These particles can get lodged into the airways and initiate the inflammatory cascade resulting in swelling and increased mucus production in an effort to overwhelm the “dander”. These can then lead to sneezing and coughing.

The only way to effectively rid your home of this threat is to not have animals as pets. But, are you willing to give up your love for your mutt that easily? Dog experts recommend choosing certain breeds that do not shed heavily or have fewer dander than most other breeds. This significantly reduces the amount of dander that eventually gets airborne.

In many cases, thoroughly cleaning your home can be an effective way of mitigating the effects of dander on the respiratory and integumentary system. Sure, the dander may have already fallen off your dog and is already on the floor. This is where specially designed vacuum cleaners can help. In order to be effective, they have to be able to contain dander and dust particles from ever escaping back into the surrounding air.

The Bottom Line

Keeping your home relatively free from dog hair is crucial to ensuring optimum health for each member of your family, especially those that may have issues with allergies or hypersensitivity reactions. The 5 best vacuums for dog hair in 2017 should help you determine which product to get.

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