Organic foods are largely valued for their safety and more nutrient-rich profile since the ingredients contained in these products are generally derived from farms or other sources that do not use artificially synthesized materials. Unfortunately, picking the right one for your mutt may be especially challenging since some manufacturers have a knack for putting the “organic” and “all-natural” wordings in their labels. It is thus, crucial to be very cautious as the organic dog food you may choose is nothing more than a blend of organic and chemical-laden ingredients. To get you started, we’ve researched some of the best organic dog food products available in the market today.

Organic Dog Food Buying Guide

Buying an organic dog food should not really be difficult. Oftentimes, the things that you observe when choosing a dog food works, too, with organic products. Here are some essential tips.

  • Always look for certification from well-recognized organizations such as the USDA if you want a really good organic dog food. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous organizations that can easily claim their products are USDA-certified to be organic; so be careful.
  • Choose canine food items that have a good mix of mostly proteins and fats. Science has shown that, while dogs will still require carbohydrates in their diet mostly as fuel for their activities, dogs don’t need too much carbs. The reason why more and more dog foods today have plenty of carbs is that it is generally cheaper to fill products with dietary fibers rather than good quality meats.
  • Choose an organic dog food that specifies the sources of its ingredients. If it only says wholesome whole grain, you know that ‘wholesome’ can mean a lot of things to different people. If the product says their proteins come from meat sources, is it chicken, beef, venison, or even elk? Manufacturers of organic canine food products should disclose all of their ingredients.
  • Just because a product has been labeled as “all-natural” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s organic. Natural ingredients may still undergo some form of chemical manipulation in the final manufacturing process. Organic means the ingredient has been grown, cultivated, or raised in an environment where no artificial substances have been used in their growing.
  • Always check if your dog has food allergies. You will also need to differentiate the symptoms to identify if it is a true allergy or just food intolerance. If your dog is allergic to chicken, then you must try to feed it with a non-chicken meal, perhaps turkey, beef, or even lamb. Since allergies are almost always associated with a high protein diet, you may need a vegan diet for your pooch. 

organic pup foodWhat Exactly Is Organic Dog Food?

Organic dog foods contain ingredients that have been raised, grown, or cultivated in ways that do not use artificial or synthetic methods. For example, if an organic dog food contains chicken, it is important that it is free-ranged. They are given feeds but more on the natural food such as grains. The chicken should also not be treated with any form of medication such as vaccines or even antibiotics.

The same is true with vegetables that are put into organic canine food products. These must not have been grown using fertilizers or treated with chemicals such as pesticides. For fertilizers, natural cow manure can be used as well as natural compost. For pesticides, natural predators can be introduced into the farm to help kill the pests. These are just examples, of course. 

Why Organic Dog Food is a Great Option

It really is easy to see why giving your pet organic food is a great option. It doesn’t have to be that organic dog food is better than other types of dog food. However, because of its relatively safer profile, it offers peace of mind to pet owners who may be wary of the ingredients they are giving their pets. Here are some other reasons why organic dog food is a great option.

  • Fewer issues in the digestive system – This is because organic foods do not contain contaminants which might irritate the gastric lining or even substances that may be allergenic to mutts. Additionally, since the protein sources of these foods are primarily from high quality and safe plants and animals, they are better digested by your pooch.
  • May help reduce allergy symptoms – Again, the trick is in the absence of contaminants or artificial ingredients in organic food materials. Identifying potential allergens can be intimidating if you don’t know what chemicals have been used in growing the ingredients of the food product.
  • Improves the immune system – Because the protein source of these food items are inherently not tainted with chemicals, they are able to boost your dog’s immune system, enabling them to ward of infections. 

organic dog foodOur Favorite Pick

In this list of the best organic dog food we were able to identify two items that gained our nod as two of the best.

In the dry kibbles category, we had to pick between TruDog and The Honest Kitchen. Both provided exceptional value although the latter provided more flavor options that included chicken, turkey, and beef. However, it boiled down to their nutrient composition with TruDog’s protein and fat composition simply besting The Honest Kitchen. TruDog has 41% and 26% of protein and fat, respectively as against The Honest Kitchen’s 24.5% and 15.3%. We believe this matters as both come with high quality organic ingredients.

As for the wet or canned dog food category, it was a close call between Newman’s Own and Evangers with the latter besting the former because of its 100% organic ingredients. Newman’s Own only has 70% organic ingredients so this might be an issue.

Overall, whether you choose a dry kibble or a canned dog food, organic foods can provide your pooch with a host of benefits. Although more expensive, you can rest assured that your pooch will live a healthier life.

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