One of the most important tools you can ever have in training your dog is a leash. These are devices that attach to either your dog’s collar or its harness. Leashes are often used when dogs are not yet fully trained to follow your commands. They’re excellent for controlling and restraining our pet dogs. As such, every responsible pet owner has one for each of his furry pals. If your dog doesn’t have a leash yet or you simply want to replace its current leash, then try checking out the ten best dog leashes we have prepared for you this 2016.

10 Best Dog Leashes

1TaoTronics Retractable Tangle Free Dog Leash by TaoTronics 

Walking with your dog in public spaces can be quite frightening for some people, especially for those who may have already the sad experience of being bitten or attacked by a dog. While their reaction is expected, you can somehow reassure them if you’re walking with your dog using the TaoTronics Retractable Tangle Free Dog Leash. The device allows you to provide a safe distance between your mutt and the people around you for up to 16 feet. This distance should allow your dog to roam around and get the exercise that it needs to develop those muscles and lead to a healthier and more balanced temperament. You are effectively putting a 16 foot protective radius around you so it doesn’t disturb and scare other people in the area. And when it’s getting too close for comfort for other people, you can always retract the extendable nylon tape with a press of a button on the lead casing that is made of highly durable ABS plastic. It comes with an effective braking system, too so you’ll have more control of the safe distance for your pooch. The casing itself is designed with optimum comfort handling in mind such that it naturally follows the curves of your hand. The retracting mechanism is provided by a durable spring design with added safety features so the return of the lead is made smooth. Whenever you buy a TaoTronics you’ll also be able to receive a roll of plastic bags for free. These are safely tucked inside the bone-shaped cone that hangs by the TaoTronics handle. You’ll use these plastic bags to clean up your pooch’s mess as a basic courtesy to others.

What We Like about It – The TaoTronics’ simple ergonomic design is something to look forward to. The use of nylon and the retractable mechanism puts canine control effectively in your hands.

2Flexi Neon Leash by Flexi

If you’re the type of pet owner who prefer walking with his or her mutt in the dark whether late in the evening or early at dawn, then you’ll need the reflective capabilities of the Flexi Neon Leash. The neon-colored lead increases your visibility in the dark so other people who are in the area, especially oncoming vehicles, will be forewarned of your presence. They can then make the necessary corrections in their driving. Like the TaoTronics, the Flexi neon lead is fully retractable allowing you optimum control of your pooch. You can easily relax the 16-foot cord with a touch of its release button while braking it to a safe distance is also a breeze. It even has a permanent stop button to help prevent accidental release and recoil so you’re not going to injure yourself and startle your pet. The recoil system provides excellent smooth return so you’ll feel a lot more comfortable going out even in the dark. The ergonomic handle is made of high quality materials giving a smooth surface on your palms so they don’t get bruised nor scraped if in case your 110-pound mutt suddenly feels the urge to tug.

What We Like about It – The Flexi Neon’s reflective cord is commendable as it improves your visibility in the dark. If your dog suddenly gets loose, spotting it from afar is also made easier, although it would really be impossible to let your dog loose with the safety permanent stop mechanism.

3Flexi Explore Retractable Dog Leash by Flexi

If you love the Flexi Neon but are not really into walking your pet in the dark or you simply want to have a much longer cord to control it, then we’d definitely suggest getting the Flexi Explore. Technically the Explore is a lot similar to the Neon except for the fact that the cord is actually longer by an amazing 10 feet giving it an effective radius of 26 feet or about 8 meters. Additionally, the cord is not built with reflective materials so it will not really be safe to use in the dark. Nevertheless, it’s the unusually long cord that is considered by many to be the greatest strength of the Explore. The additional 20 feet effective diameter means your dog has a lot more ground that it can cover and explore. This can help foster its curiosity and help maintain a fairly stable temperament. However, it is often advisable not to allow your pet to go too far unless you know that it’s safe. Dogs are very curious and if you are not familiar with its surroundings, then it might pick up something that you’ll regret later on. The Flexi Explore comes with the same release, brake, permanent stop, and recoil mechanisms found in the Neon. The handle is designed to be as smooth and ergonomic as possible so you’ll be more comfortable walking and letting your pet explore the world around it.

What We Like about It – The length of the cord is something people want in a dog leash. This gives dogs a certain degree of freedom of movement by increasing their effective radius of acceptable safety. You’ll still have to be vigilant though.

4Pawtitas Reflective Padded Dog Leash by Pawtitas

For owners who don’t like the idea of their pets moving too far away from them, then the Pawtitas Reflective Padded Dog Leash might be just what they’re looking for. At only 6 feet long, the Pawtitas is excellent to use on dogs who may need a stricter form of control or those that can get very excited with new things that they tend to play tug-of-war with their human masters. With the shortened cord, tension can be applied almost as immediately as the canine begins to pull on the leash. This allows its owner to keep it as close to his or her side as possible. Because of this, you can expect the quality craftsmanship of the Pawtitas to be superb as the tensile forces on the cord can be magnified with each tug. While the cord itself has to be held by the hand, it’s comfortable enough because of the extra padding that has been built into the canine lead. This helps prevent calluses and scrapes on your hand. Additionally, one side of the cord has been stitched with reflective materials making it ideal to use in the dark. This is especially true for people who love walking their pets late at night or even early in the morning for the simple fact that vehicular traffic is light and that most of the people who might be annoyed by dogs being walked by their owners are sound asleep.

What We Like about It – The soft padding of the Pawtitas is a welcome feature so it won’t hurt your hands especially if your dog decides to tug. The addition of a reflective element on one side of the leash is also admirable as some people really find it disturbing to walk with a reflective cord during daytime.

5URPOWER Nylon Retractable Dog Leash by URPOWER

If you need a retractable canine lead that looks sophisticated because of its all-black finish, then URPOWER Nylon Retractable Dog Leash is just for you. Just like the Flexi Explore, URPOWER comes with a 26-foot long fully retractable nylon cord, made of eco-friendly materials, which is divided into two sections: a longer 7.5 meter ultra-thin yet durable nylon cord and a shorter half-meter long nylon harness attachment. The harness attachment has a wider cord to help distribute the tension on your pet’s harness. The longer section of the retractable lead is designed with optimum tensile strength. Because it is thinner than the leading edge, this helps improve overall control of the leash. Another feature of URPOWER that many customers find appealing is its unique single button brake and lock system. Everything is operated with a single button so this should be a welcome development for people who often find multi-button mechanisms annoying and totally uncalled for. Unfortunately, there is one minor hiccup about URPOWER. The maximum weight of dogs that it can accommodate is only 66 pounds whereas other systems in our list can handle up to 110 pounds. This should not be really an issue since majority of dog owners have smaller to medium sized breeds. In case, you have a Great Dane, a Mastiff, or even a St. Bernard, then you might want to consider something else.

What We Like about It – Let down by its maximum weight capacity, URPOWER is nonetheless a worthy canine lead especially for those who want their pets to have more room for exploration and play. The design of its casing with its one-button feature is also remarkable. Plus, the addition of a wider harness attachment allows for greater control of your pets.

6BonaFido Retractable Dog Leash by BonaFido Pet Supplies

For owners of smaller canine breeds less than 44 pounds in weight and who really love accessorizing their pets with all the lavish blings they could ever find, you’ll need the BonaFido Retractable Dog Leash. It’s one of the hippest, trendiest, and coolest we’ve seen in the market. With its ultra-sleek and ergonomic handle mated to an unusually large casing made of high grade and robust materials, the BonaFido is especially designed for the posh dog owner who wants to strut his or her fashionista dog with an equally stylish canine lead. The large handle is not without purpose though, as it is beautifully designed to provide optimum comfort for your hands. On top of the handle is a one-button slide mechanism that activates the brake and lock technology of the BonaFido. At the very least, handling, releasing, stopping, and recoiling the 16-foot long durable nylon cord has been made super easy with no need for physical exertion. The swivel styling of the snap hook at the end of the BonaFido cord allows for optimum canine freedom of movement without twisting the cord which can endanger your pet. Attached to the handle is a cute bone-shaped canister where you’ll store the litter bags that already come with the package.

What We Like about It – The superb styling of the BonaFido’s handle is what we really loved about it. The swivel clip is a welcome feature. Unfortunately, it’s let down by its limited maximum weight capacity.

7PetSafe Leash by PetSafe

Want a simple yet effective leash? Then get the one offered by PetSafe. Available in two lengths of 4 and 6 feet, the PetSafe Leash has one of the simplest designs we’ve seen. But, looking at the countless reviews it generated, we believe the product deserves to be included in our list because of its functionality and the trustworthiness of the company that made it. The PetSafe lead is made with ultra-soft and very resilient nylon. The cord has been designed to be as wide as possible to distribute the pressure equally across a larger surface area on your hands. This greatly minimizes scrapes and abrasions in the event that your canine friend suddenly decides to tug you. The relatively short length of the cord at about 4 feet is excellent for dog leash training. This makes it a lot easier to control the movements of your dog. And because the lead is short, you can better understand your mutt’s reactions and behavior related to your commands during training. At the tip of the PetSafe Leash is a swivel type of snap on hook that easily latches on and off any D-ring or any other harness or collar attachment. This affords great convenience for releasing pets upon arrival in your home.

What We Like about It – The design cannot be made any simpler than this. Yet the functionality is truly superb. Additionally, PetSafe is a brand that everyone trusts to deliver high quality products.

8Sassy Dog Leash by Sassy Dog Wear

If you think you like the PetSafe Leash but are looking for something with more style to match the fashion accessories that you may want your pet to wear, a fashionable harness or collar maybe, then we recommend getting the Sassy Dog Leash. It’s particularly perfect for training your hyperactive small breed as the length of the cord is only about 4 feet long. It is also available in a 6-foot long variant. Regardless of which length of cord you choose, you can bet that training your canine friend to behave while on its leash is made easier by the Sassy. Besides, with its unique printed design on the super-strong nylon cord, you can attach it to any fashionable harness so you’ll have more pride walking your furry friend in the park, in the city streets, or in any other place where dogs are welcome. The swivel snap hook made of premium grade metal and finished in rust resistant coating provides optimum freedom of movement for both you and your furry pal. At least, if it does decide to chase its tail running around in circles, you can feel more confident that the cord will not get entangled in any way. The cord is also stitched with padding so it won’t hurt your hands.

What We Like about It – The printed designs and 4 available colors make the Sassy Dog Leash one of the simpler yet highly fashionable canine leads. If you get the matching harness or collar, you can definitely make a fashion statement.

9FuzzBunz Premium Training Lead by FuzzBunz

If you’re serious about training your dog on a leash, then you need superb comfort handle, superior strength of the cord, and excellent visibility in low-light conditions. And for that, you’ll definitely need the FuzzBunz Premium Training Lead. The 6-foot long leash is made of ultra-strong nylon with the webbing material purposely built to be 50 percent thicker than even the best competitors around. This extra thickness gives the FuzzBunz a certain level of structural rigidity that can literally translate into greater strength and longer lasting lifespan. At any rate, you’ll be using the FuzzBunz for many years to come. Adding to the superb strength of the lead is a gunmetal snaphook that is guaranteed never to rust nor fail in its swivel mechanism. A D-ring attachment has been integrated into the handle intended to hang poop bags, keys, and even safety lights while on the go. Speaking of the handle, the one built into the FuzzBunz is padded with odor-resistant and super-soft neoprene to give your hands the care that they need. You won’t be worrying about calluses being formed. Looping the handle around your wrist is also not a problem as the neoprene padding can help protect your skin against abrasions. The length of the leash has been stitched with highly reflective thread. Take note, only the stitching has reflective properties and not the entire width of the cord. Nevertheless, this should be a welcome feature especially if you’re the kind of owner who prefers taking a walk at night or even in low light conditions.

What We Like about It – The super combination of superior strength of materials, the added comfort padding of the handle, and the reflective stitching make the FuzzBunz a really serious contender for the top spot in dog leashes.

10Leather Training Leash by Logical Leather 

There’s something about leather that really fascinates the tactile sense. And if you are this kind of person, you’ll also find the Leather Training Leash to be particularly sensuous, exotic, and truly luxurious. Made of premium grade leather, not polyester faux leather, the Leather Training lead is the perfect tool for dog leash training. Leather materials are always known for their tensile strength and superb velvety feel. It feels supple in your hands and won’t collect nasty hair off your pet unlike most nylon leashes that traps and pulls some of your pet’s hair strands. And since the leather surface is one contiguous system, there are no spaces that can put undue pressure on your skin. The cord is only 6 foot long yet guarantees superior strength as the design is what the military and the police use in the training of their service dogs. At the end of the leash is a solid brass clasp that has been plated in premium nickel giving it superb resilience against corrosion.  

What We Like about It – The combination of strength and deluxe feel make the Leather Training lead a remarkable leash for dogs. Personally, we love the feel of leather in our hands. We’re pretty sure you would, too.

How We Chose the Top Canine Leads in Our List

In picking out the top 10 canine leads to include in our list, we had to look first at the different ratings of all the available products in the market so we can trim down the number to a more manageable size. There are literally thousands of products like these in the market so it is often wise to narrow them down based on the experiences and how other pet owners view them. This is important because we clearly would want to give you something that is also trusted by other animal lovers.

From this shortened list, we had to make sure it served its purpose well. If it is for training, then it must be able to perform this function relatively well. So, if the lead can be used in a variety of ways, then we had to examine each of its supposed function to help make sure that it does work the way it’s supposed to work. For instance, retractable mechanisms should work super smooth without snagging.

From this, we also had to look at the strength and durability of the lead. Since the leash is what literally connects you to your pet and if yours is of the hyperactive type that will technically tug and pull you with all its might, then we need to have a lead that is mighty strong. It must be able to withstand this constant tugging and pulling so it won’t break or snap and make you want to swear and ask for a refund. There is another side to this strength of the lead. It must also be comfortable to hold. If not, you’ll have abrasions and calluses on your hands for holding on too tight on the leash. At least, if it’s made of soft material or any material that’s designed to provide comfort for your hands, then it would be a great buy.

The company’s reputation is also a must as highly reputable companies can always be expected to provide you with the best products available. They also will not skimp on quality control so you can bet that the products you buy from them are safe and of the highest possible quality.

And this is how we picked the canine leads or dog leashes that we included in our top 10. You can also do the same thing if you like.

Why You Should Leash Your Dog

There are many reasons why pet owners put their dogs on a leash. Here are some of them.

  • You’re a good neighbor – Let’s face it, not everyone has the same passion for dogs as you. There are even individuals who are morbidly afraid of dogs. Even the sight of a pooch can already stop them dead on their tracks. There are also cultures that are not really that too friendly to canines. Putting your pet on a lead shows your neighborsthat you’re in control. Additionally, you are showing others that you respect their need to be kept safe from these animals.
  • Some dogs do tend to be more aggressive than others – It is not unusual to hear of a news that an early morning jogger was attacked by a loose dog. In many countries, there are laws that penalize owners of these pets and, in some cases, the dog is put down. Unfortunately, even if your pet was provoked into attacking, the law will often penalize your lack of reasonable precautions. And if it so happened that the person injured is a celebrity or any other highly valuable individual, you’re facing expensive litigation arising from the filing of a personal injury case. Having your pet on a leash can help mitigate those circumstances and help in your defense that you exercised reasonable precautions.
  • Some dogs do fight with other mutts as well as other animals – A great number of animal species are highly territorial. If your dog got loose, it may wander off in an area held by another mutt and a fight can ensue. Other animals can respond in the same way as well.
  • Other life forms have rights, too – Whether or not you believe that other living things have the same rights as we do, the fact is that dogs can sometimes be disruptive of the ecosystem. They can destroy nests, stress smaller animals, and even destroy plants.
  • Off-leash dogs can cause traffic accidents – If you’re walking with your pet on a street, it is not always guaranteed that it will listen to your commands 100 percent of the time. If they are loose, they can stray onto oncoming traffic. They can get hit by cars and other vehicles. Or, in worst cases, they can cause traffic collisions because of the attempts of vehicle owners to avoid hitting these pets. Again, lawsuits can ensue and that would be a much bigger problem.
  • They defecate where they want to – Loose dogs tend to defecate wherever they want. And this can make you fully despised by your neighbors. Putting your pet on a lead can help you control where it needs to poop. The sad thing is that even if mutt were to defecate in a safe place, if it is not yet dewormed, then it can readily pass the eggs of parasitic worms into the soil which can contaminate it. If kids happen to play near the area, then health problems might occur.
  • It’s a very effective birth control method – This is especially true for unneutered or unspayed dogs. Breeders would want their stock to be of the highest quality. Regrettably, letting them loose can facilitate random mating which can lead to significantly lower quality of the offspring or puppies.
  • Helps reduce the cost of veterinary visits – Dogs love to dig and eat almost anything they think is palatable to them. Doing so can lead to a variety of canine diseases that will require treatment at the veterinary clinic. Sometimes, loose dogs can stray into forbidden places and can injure themselves. They can also pick up microorganisms along the way. Again, a trip to the vet will rack in quite a handsome price. Putting them on a lead can help you prevent costly veterinary visits arising from these canine adventures.
  • Loose dogs make you an irresponsible member of society – There are many reasons why some people want dogs to be completely banned from public places. Chief among them is the obvious lack of basic courtesy and respect by some pet owners who allow their dogs to wander about off-leash. It is thus, a basic rule to put dogs on a leash especially when going to public places where people expect you to put your pet on a leash.

The Bottom Line

When you put your dog on a leash, you’re not only training your pet to behave, you’re also being a responsible pet owner. And for that, you’ll find our top ten dog leashes to be particularly helpful.

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