We all know that dogs are our best friends. In many ways, they can be excellent social companions as you’ll never hear them complain nor whine nor recite a litany of how bad their day have been. They are very social, sometimes even more sociable than most people we know. Some dogs even serve as the eyes and ears of people who are handicapped, enabling them to function at a level that is far better than if they don’t have service dogs. As their pack leader, it is our job to provide our dogs with the best care possible. No matter how evolved they have become from their ancestor wild dogs, they are still dependent on our care, our nurturing, and our attention. And what better way to show our care for our dogs than to give them the best dog kennel you can ever find.

We know how frustrating it can be to choose the best one from a multitude of selection. That’ why we are proud to share with you our top 10 dog kennels that you may want to try for your dog.

Top 10 Dog Kennels In 2016

1iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate by MidWest Homes for Pets

Dubbed as an all-inclusive kennel specifically designed for today’s Fido, the iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate provides just the right combination of convenience, comfort, security, and safety for your canine pal. If you have a cozy home, then your pet truly deserves one that is cozy and comfy, too. The iCrate comes with a divider panel which allows you to easily adjust the overall inside dimension of the kennel to accommodate your growing pet. It also comes with a leak-proof pan that is made of high grade, high quality plastic to allow you ease of cleanup especially when your pet simply cannot control itself anymore. The iCrate also features a carrying handle, also made of plastic but nonetheless durable and highly sturdy. This makes carrying the iCrate a breeze. There’s also a fully rubberized roller feet so you don’t have to worry about it leaving scruff marks on your flooring. The iCrate can be accessed either from the front or the side door allowing a variety of configurations to fit any size of room or house. The doors can be secured with 2 units of slide-bolt latches. And oh, we almost forgot. The iCrate easily folds down for easy storage in case you decide to take Fido with you on a long vacation.

What We Like about It – The iCrate may not really look much but it’s its overall construction that really impressed us about it. The addition of a partition or a divider is also an extra bonus.

2Folding Metal Dog Crate by AmazonBasics

You may not think of Amazon as a pet supplies store but it does provide one of the better alternatives to branded kennels. Its take on the classic Folding Metal Dog Crate is very simple enough that you’d think twice whether you’re going to buy it or not. But with superb customer feedback and thousands of very satisfied users, who knows if Amazon might just have discovered a new niche it can develop? The Amazon canine crate comes with a double-door design for ease and convenience of placing it in any possible configuration. The slide-bolt latch mechanism also helps ensure security of the doors while its metal construction is sturdy enough to hold even the testiest of canines. It has been built to be easily foldable so you will not have issues about where to store it or whether it is taking up too much of your home’s precious space. The bottom perimeter is designed with several mini dividers to help prevent your pet’s paws from slipping through the spaces in between bars. A divider panel is made optional while a composite plastic removable drip pan comes as a standard.

What We Like about It – The Amazon canine crate is an excellent alternative to other more expensive pet kennels of this type. However, we do wished that the divider panel came as a standard rather than as an option.

3Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel by Petmate

There are instances when you would like to bring your pet with you on a long distance travel. While those large metal or steel cages will work well to provide a temporary shelter for your pet while on the road, the bulk itself will take pretty much all the remaining space in your vehicle. Additionally, if you have a small canine like a Chihuahua, a Pomeranian, or even a Pug, a much better alternative is to get for them Petmate’s Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel. It successfully marries the lightweight features of high quality plastic and the superb durability and strength of steel to provide your small pet with a superbly comfortable and secure home while on the go. It can also serve as your pet’s kennel right at home. Available in 6 different color design combinations, the Top Load Pet Kennel features a front door and a top door which are individually secured with a wing nut and bolt mechanism. It also comes with a comfortable carrying handle to allow for ease of transportation. The wire design of its doors gives your pet superb view of the outside yet provides the security it needs as the steel wire is made of only the highest possible grade of steel.

What We Like about It – We love the portability and lightweight construction of the Petmate 2-door. The combination of steel and high grade plastic is remarkable. Unfortunately, if you have a Labrador or even a St. Bernard, don’t expect it to fit in the Pet Kennel.

4Pet Puppy Dog Exercise Playpen by ESK Collection

The first time we saw the Pet Puppy Dog Exercise Playpen, we were reminded of the outdoor playhouses of kids that also doubled as playpen and ball pit. Just imagine an octagon-shaped playpen complete with two entryways that serve as doors and 6 wide-view windows that are covered in mesh netting. Covering the top of the Playpen is also a mesh net that allows optimum air circulation for our favorite furry friends. Available in blue, black, red, and pink colors, the Dog Exercise Playpen is made of waterproof and highly durable 600D Oxford cloth. This gives it superb ease of cleaning as it can be conveniently machine washed without losing any of its properties. It also provides excellent breathability for the playpen. The openings of the Dog Exercise Playpen are secured shut by a system of zippers instead of Velcro as the latter can be easily detached by very inquisitive pets. There are several pockets on the outer wall panels for storing the top mesh cover of the Playpen as well as for keeping some of your pet’s essentials. The Playpen has a diameter of 4 feet and a height of 2 feet which should make it ideal for puppies as well as small breeds of dogs.

What We Like about It – It’s very thoughtful to have an exercise playpen for puppies and small dogs. However, we do believe that the best exercise for dogs should occur outdoors. Nevertheless, the Playpen’s use of breathable materials can really provide for your dog’s optimum comfort needs.

5Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate by MidWest Homes for Pets

If you love the iCrate but are not sure if it can handle the weight and activity levels of your pet dog, then you may want to consider getting the Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate instead. This has technically the same features as in the iCrate. The only notable difference is in the construction of its metal cage. The Life Stages is built with substantially heavier gauge of steel in addition to a much tighter wire mesh to give it strength that is several times better than iCrate. That is why the Life Stages is primarily designed for the heavyweight dogs or even canines that have a knack for gnawing at their kennels. At the very least, the sturdiness of the Life Stages’ construction will help protect your investment. Like the iCrate, the Life Stages comes with an easy folding mechanism, a lock mechanism made of slide-bolt latch, a divider panel, a convenient carrying handle, a superbly leak-proof plastic drip pan, and a rubberized feet. And like the iCrate, it also comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What We Like about It – The Life Stages is essentially an iCrate but heavily reinforced to be tougher and more resilient against the toughest biters in the canine world. It should not come as a surprise if we included it in our list.

6Uptown Welded Wire Kennel by Lucky Dog

If you require a more spacious home or kennel for your pet or you have a St. Bernard, a Mastiff, or even a Great Dane or any other extra-large breed of dogs, we will definitely recommend the Uptown Welded Wire Kennel. The Uptown is currently available in two variants, with the main difference in the length of the kennel. Both variants measure 6 feet high and 4 feet wide. One variant, however, is 4 feet long while the other is 8 feet long. The Uptown comes in modular panels that have been pre-assembled so setting it up is as easy as tightening the bolts that connect the different panels. You don’t need any special tools to do this. Standard hand tools will suffice. The Uptown is built with wire mesh and steel bars that have been dutifully welded before given a marvelous finish to help prevent cuts and bruises to your pet dog. The finishing also helps protect the Uptown against corrosion. It comes with a waterproof cover that snuggly fits onto the roof frame of the Uptown. The covering is also treated with UV protection to help guard against fading, peeling, cracking, and ripping and is secured in place by a couple of super-sturdy elastic cords. The gently sloping pitch of the roof prevents the accumulation of water, light snow, and debris. The platform is elevated by about 1.5 inches to allow ease of cleanup.

What We Like about It – The Uptown, dare we say, is like one miniature house. For its size alone, you can actually fit several dogs inside. At least your furry friend will have plenty of space to roam about even in a caged environment.

7Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Dog Crate by Carlson Pet Products

If you need a no-fuss single door dog kennel, we’d suggest the Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Dog Crate. The Carlson is made of premium grade all steel construction giving it unsurpassed strength and durability. The crate itself has been finished in dog-safe materials to give it a luxury look. The single door design is perfect for ensuring security for your furry pal as there can only be one way in or out. The bolt lock design secures the door in place so you’ll feel more confident your mutt will not be going anywhere. There’s also a removable and washable drip pan to help ensure your mutt stays comfortable inside its kennel. The Carlson Secure and Compact easily folds without any tools required. This makes it super easy to store in case you and Fido will be going out for several weeks. It’s also lightweight so you can put it at the back of your SUV or even your truck.

What We Like about It – The all steel construction of the Carlson is admirable. The portability and lightweight characteristics are additional benefits.

82-Door Training Retreat Wire Kennel by Petmate

Available in 5 different sizes to accommodate the 5 different sizes of dogs, the 2-Door Training Retreat Wire Kennel is just like the metal pooch crates in our list except that this one is made of high quality, high grade, sturdy wire construction. This gives it a much thinner profile to allow your pet hound to have a better view of its surroundings. The wire construction has been finished in black coating designed primarily to afford the structure with superb corrosion or rust resistance. At least, you can be sure that your pooch will still be using the Training Retreat Wire Kennel for a substantially longer period of time. This is made possible by the addition of a panel divider that already comes standard with the dog kennel. This means that you can get the largest size of the Retreat Wire Kennel and still be able to put your little pup inside. You can then watch your pup grow into a full-sized adult pooch. The front and side doors are secured by a double latch bolt system which should make it easy to secure. It also comes with a removable pan that is guaranteed never to leak. Petmate is kind enough to throw in a dog training booklet with every purchase of the Training Retreat Wire Kennel.

What We Like about It – The sturdy wire construction of the Training Retreat is something that clearly sets it apart from metal dog crates. To provide optimum comfort for your pet pal, we’d recommend getting the kennel pads as well.

9Dog Club House by TRIXIE Pet Products

If we talk about a doghouse, the image that comes to mind is one made of wood like the home of Spike in the Tom and Jerry children’s cartoon show. The steel and metal cages we see today are often associated with caged animals in zoos. Now, if you would like to give your furry pal the kind of home that it truly deserves, we strongly recommend the Dog Club House. While it doesn’t really look like Spike’s dog house, it is nevertheless a very worthy doggie home. The Dog Club House is made of solid pine construction that has been meticulously treated to make it as weatherproof as possible. The tongue and groove styling of the Dog Club House is designed to resist drafts while the raised wooden floor can be easily removed to allow for better or much improved air circulation. The feet of the Dog Club House can also be adjusted in height to maintain the levelness of the dog house even on an incline. Cleaning is a breeze, too as the roof can be easily flipped open to expose the interior of the Dog Club House. It is available in 3 sizes with the largest having a dimension of 45.5 inches long by 31 inches wide by 32.25 inches tall. The largest size can easily accommodate a Retriever or any other dog breed not exceeding 95 pounds in weight.

What We Like about It – Honestly, this is the kind of dog house we would want for our pooch. We were only hoping that the ventilation can be made more efficient to help Spike better regulate its body temperature.

10Fabric Portable Kennel by One for Pets 

If you’re looking for a very portable, unique, and super-lightweight pet transporter, then you’ll definitely love the Fabric Portable Kennel. To give you an idea, try to imagine a cubical gym bag measuring 20 inches on all sides (length, height, and width). Now imagine either ends of the gym bag to have a zipper mechanism that can connect to another cubical gym bag to obtain a 39-inch long gym bag. Well, that’s just what the Fabric Portable Kennel is. It features a variety of entrances as well as interior hooks for attaching a hammock for your beloved pet. On the outside of the Portable Kennel are straps that allows it to be connected to your car’s seatbelt. The interior comes with plush padding that can be easily removed and washed in your washing machine. Each Portable Kennel comes with a portable carrying case so you don’t have to fret about storage issues. The Portable Kennel can be used in at least three different ways. First, use each Portable Kennel as a single abode for your dog. Secondly, connecting two single kennels can create a double kennel complete with a partition in the middle. This is perfect if you have 2 pets that you want to have their own separate kennel. Thirdly, once connected, you can unzip the center divider to give your dog access to the entire 39-inch length of the Portable Kennel.

What We Like about It – We have to admit this is one of the best dog kennels we have seen which is ideal for those out-of-town travels. But the whole system is not only good for travels, it’s also ideal for homes.

How We Chose the Top Kennels in Our List

Coming up with a shortlist of kennels should have been a breeze but knowing how much you care about your dog has prompted us to really dig deeper into our research. We know that we simply have to scrutinize every bit of dog kennel we could find in the hope that our search parameters closely resembles what you may also have in mind.

First, we had to look at the construction of the kennel. It is imperative that it be made of high grade materials so that it will last a long time. We have seen a variety of materials used in the construction of these types of dog products with a majority being metal or steel. Some are made of wood while others are made of specialty clothing materials. In such cases we had to make sure that they are durable enough to withstand the weight, if not the playfulness, of our furry friends. Where metal or steel was used, it was important that we make sure any finishing material that may have been used to coat the surface of the metal or steel is also safe. If we want our kids to be safe, for sure we also would like our beloved pets to be safe in their own homes.

Secondly, we had to look at the level of comfort afforded by these products to our furry pals. It is crucial that they will love staying, resting, and sleeping inside the kennel. If they become restless, this can be a great source of frustration for them, making them unbalanced. And as the Dog Whisperer always tells us, a well-balanced dog is a happy dog. Of course, all dog owners want their pets to be as happy as they possibly can.

Third, we consider any useful feature about the dog kennel. Anything besides its material construction, safety, and degree of comfort provided to dogs, we had to examine carefully how these particular features can benefit our furry pals. If these features can provide them a benefit, then we would like to make sure that we understand what these benefits are.

Fourth, we looked at the feedback, comments, and reviews of dog owners who happen to have first-hand experience on how their dogs were able to make full use of these kennels. Suffice it to say that we tried to determine the veracity of the customer reviews as majority will be very subjective. Nevertheless, we trust the instincts of countless other dog lovers all over the world.

Lastly, as in any other product, we also had to look at the reputation of the company. If you don’t trust a company, how can you trust a product it rolls out, right?

With these, we were able to come up with the top 10 dog kennels you’ll definitely be interested in. and if you don’t like our selection, at least you’ll know how we approached our shortlist. Maybe you can adopt the same system for your own search.

Some Tips to Help You with Crate Training

So, you have just bought a kennel for you beloved pet dog. But the question remains, is your pet ready for its crate or kennel?

One of the most important aspects of dog ownership is canine training. And one of the things that we need to train our dogs is for them to learn to love their crate as a very comfortable, safe, and convenient place to rest. Unfortunately, many of us sometimes use the crate for the wrong reasons. Here are some tips to help you crate train your pet pooch.

  • It is crucial to understand that crates should never be used as punishment for your dogs. They will fear it and will definitely refuse to enter.
  • Don’t ever leave your dog in its crate for too long. Doing this deprives your dog of the exercise and socialization it needs. Your pet can suffer depression or may even develop behavioral problems.
  • If you have puppies that are younger than 6 months old, never crate them for more than 2-3 hours as puppies typically cannot hold their bowels and bladder for that long. The same is true with adult dogs that are being house-trained.
  • Crating your dogs should only last until you can be certain they will not destroy your home.

The Bottom Line

Dogs deserve a place to rest, sleep, and be trained. Dog kennels and crates fit this description very well. With our 10 best dog kennels, you are now more than ready to purchase the best for your pet dog.

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