Our dogs are just like us. They need food, water, and shelter as well as tons of our love, affection, care, and attention. And oh, they need plenty of exercise, too. A well-exercised dog is a happy and well-balanced pooch. Unfortunately, unless we have been diligent in training our pooches to instantly come to us when called, walking our mutts will require a system of control. Instead of getting a neck collar, veterinarians and dog experts recommend body harnesses. Here are 10 of the best dog harnesses you can get for your beloved pet.

Top 10 Dog Harnesses In 2016

1Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness by EXPAWLORER

One of the best no pull dog harness we’ve seen is the one from EXPAWLORER that features a soft reflective strap that is engineered for optimum canine safety. The reflective safety bands are built just above the device’s D ring to give it unsurpassed safety for your pooch, enabling you to see them even in the dark. Designed primarily for large breeds of mutts, the EXPAWLORER has an easy-grab handle, made of high grade nylon, which allows you to take full control of your pooch’s movements. This is particularly helpful in instances when they do get excited or will attempt to rush for a certain object, prey, or anything that catches their interest. The shell of the device is made of highly durable, breathable, and fast-drying fabric and have been duly padded on its interior surfaces to help prevent skin irritation and minimize bruising injuries which may occur with excessive traction. It also features neoprene lining for added comfort. Another useful feature of the EXPAWLORER is its fully adjustable chest plate so you can fit it to any size of dog. Additionally, the chest plate also serves to protect your dog’s vital organs especially its heart and lungs. It comes with easy snap clasps often used in parachute systems. The EXPAWLORER is available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes as well as in black, blue, red, pink, purple, and orange colors.

What We Like about It – The overall design of the EXPAWLORER is remarkable. The use of nylon, breathable fabric, and neoprene all spell comfort and safety for our beloved pets.

2ARIKON Heavy Duty No Pull Harness by ARIKON

If you want an easy walk harness that is fashionable as it is comfortable for your dog, then we’d recommend the product from ARIKON. This particular contraption is made of 2 layers of very sturdy and solid denim on the outside. Sandwiched by the denim fabric is a red nylon cloth that has been purposely designed to provide optimum comfort. The three layers are then marvelously stitched to provide superb continuity and unparalleled sturdiness of the entire structure. The ARIKON is excellent for training your dog, for running, walking, and even for rescue activities. In fact, it is one of the most fashionable no pull dog harness units we have seen. Its classic design make it a real standout that you can actually put it on your pooch for those obedience shows and best of breed shows. Or, you can just let your hound wear it as you take your coffee from your favorite café. The ARIKON already comes with a leash so there’s no need to buy a separate leash. This also means that you don’t have to worry about the leash and the harness not matching. The ARIKON is available in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large.

What We Like about It – The ARIKON’s classical design is what we really love about it. The denim-nylon sandwich’s comfortable straps are also something to desire.

3Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness for Dogs by Ruffwear

If you want superb adjustability and a really unique styling, we’d recommend the Front Range All-Day Adventure easy walk harness available in 5 different sizes and 4 unique color styling of campfire orange, alpenglow pink, pacific blue, and twilight gray. What is really amazing about the Front Range is that it has 4 different points of adjustment which allows you to customize the fit of the device on your dog. The best part of this is that, since it is fully adjustable, it can naturally grow with your canine furry friend. Additionally, the 4 point adjustments allow for optimum range of motion, the chest and belly panel are fully padded with ultra-soft materials, giving your canine friend optimum comfort. This also helps distribute the load a lot better so that there’s no single point in your pooch’s body that will be receiving unnecessarily heavier loads. There are also two attachment points for your leash. One of these is an aluminum V-ring located on the back plate that’s designed primarily for daily walks. The other attachment point is made of reinforced webbing on the chest plate designed specifically for added control as well as for training. It even features a highly reflective trim so you’ll be able to keep an eye on your hound even in low visibility situations. The Front Range also includes an ID pocket which can come in handy for storing your pet’s dog tags.

What We Like about It – The dual attachment system of the Front Range is amazing. Even more superb is its 4 adjustment points. But what we really love about it is its unique and very stylish design.

4MyPetsAmerica Reflective Adjustable Harness by My Pets America

If you are in the business of dog-walking, dog-sitting, or even canine training, then you’d need a no pull dog harness that has fully adjustable straps and no-choke and no-slip technologies. If that’s the case, then you’d be delighted in the MyPetsAmerica. This easy walk harness features a highly reflective design, perfect or those early evening or late night walks or runs. The MyPetsAmerica’s reflective element will keep your pooch highly visible even in the dark. The chest strap is filled with sponge so it will not necessarily squeeze or compress your mutt’s chest, enabling it to breathe easily. The harness is made of lightweight polyester, finished with non-toxic materials and has been engineered to be highly resistant against ear. It’s ideal for walking, running, jogging, and hiking your 4-legged pet. The MyPetsAmerica is also perfect for dog training purposes as the entire system allows it to be easily snapped on for security.

What We Like about It – The whole point about dog harnesses is that these should not choke your pet to death while you’re walking or taking it for a run. The MyPetsAmerica does this exceptionally well because of its well-thought out design.

5Soft Dog Harness by Puppia

Puppy training is a very tricky task. However, dog owners agree that on-leash training must start at the earliest possible time. The earlier you can train your puppy to follow your commands, the earlier you can get rid of its leash. And what better way to train pups than using the Puppia Soft Dog Harness. This cute and adorable puppy harness is designed for absolute comfort. It’s made of 100 percent air mesh polyester allowing your mutt’s skin to breathe naturally. It’s also very soft allowing absolute comfort without any danger of irritating the skin. A snap buckle on the chest plate guarantees ease of closure and removable. The back plate has a built-in D-ring where you can hook any standard leash. However, we do suggest looking closely at the design of your leash so that it matches the color styling of the Puppia. There are 12 different colors to choose from, each have soft piping or edges. Some of these piping come in contrasting hues to give the device one really superb look. The Puppia is an easy walk harness that is also very fashionable as it is ultra-comfortable.

What We Like about It – If there is one thing that we love about the Puppia puppy harness, it would be its breathable fabric. Although, we might add that the styling really looks luxurious you and your hound will be the talk of the town for many years to come.

6Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness by Kurgo

Sleek and sexy, fit and comfy, and durable and sturdy. That is how we would like to describe Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness. The Tru-Fit is an easy walk harness that boasts of a very simple yet very functional design. It features not 3, not 4, but 5 adjustment points allowing you superb versatility in its use. The Tru-Fit can easily grow with your mutt so you can get this as a puppy harness and it will still be able to serve your full grown hound. What is really spectacular about the 5 adjustment points is that it allows superb freedom of movement for your dog. Whether you’re out for a pleasant walk or even a superb run, your hound’s joints will never be strained nor stressed. Its muscles will also be well-toned as there’s no unusual pressure on certain areas. The quick-release buckles give you the advantage of using one hand for securing the device onto your pet. The chest plate is fully padded with a cushiony material, making it ultra-comfortable for your furry pal. Even if it will be pulling on its leash with all its might, there’s no danger of crushing nor compressing its vital organs such as the lungs and the hearts. The Tru-Fit is available in 5 different sizes from extra-small to extra-large.

What We Like about It – The Tru-Fit has a very simple design. Yet, it’s this simplicity that is quite amazing. What’s really superb about the Tru-fit is the availability of 5 different points for adjustment.

7Summer Hope 3M Reflective No Pull Dog Harness by Blueberry Pet

One of the loveliest, hippest, and trendiest no pull dog harness we have in our list is the Summer Hope 3M. Available in fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent pink, and fluorescent orange, you’d think that the Summer Hope 3M is the easy walk harness version of the fluorescent highlighter pens that Stabilo Boss is known the world over. The good thing about the Summer Hope 3M is that it has fully integrated 3M’s patented reflective materials giving you the peace of mind when taking your dog outdoors at dawn or even at night for a late evening run. Know, however, that the harness itself is not stretchable so you will have to make sure that it fits snugly on your hound’s body. The fluorescent webbing is padded with a neoprene layer to give it a very unique styling as well as unparalleled comfort for your dog. It features a loop that is conveniently attached to the logo. This loop is where you can attach your hound’ tags, pendants, charms, or any other canine accessory. Caution that the loop is not designed to attach a leash.

What We Like about It – The color styling is what is very unique about Summer Hope. Perhaps it should not come as a surprise since the colors do speak of the warmth of summer. One other thing. The inclusion of a 3M reflective material is something unheard of. So, it should be a welcome development.

8URPOWER Heavy Duty Denim Leash Harness by URPOWER 

If you loved the ARIKON easy walk harness because of its denim styling but would like a much more inexpensive one, then we suggest getting the URPOWER Heavy Duty Denim Leash. It technically has the same construction of nylon sandwiched between denim materials. The only difference is that the URPOWER comes with a metal clasp that joins the equally stylish leash to the harness. The widely-spaced design is specific for reducing the incidence of chafing or even skin irritation.

What We Like about It – The price is very friendly for its design. But what really impressed us is the classic blue-red-blue styling of the straps. Unfortunately, the URPOWER only features two adjustable points.

9Maximum Comfort Dog Harness by Ecobark Pet Supplies

Designed primarily for small dogs as well as puppies, the Ecobark puppy harness is designed with ultra-soft vest that has been double padded for superb comfort. The Ecobark Maximum Comfort puppy harness comes in 8 different colors making your puppy or toy dog look astonishingly cute and lovely. The straps are made of eco-friendly materials namely recycled water bottles. These may be recycled but they are very durable and very soft so there’s no risk of compressing your hound’s body. There’s an ultra-padded air mesh polyester webbing for extra comfort. The belt is fully adjustable and has been double-stitched to include an anchor hook. The Ecobark also has emergency release clasps that allows for instant removal.

What We Like about It – The Ecobark’s unique composition is a great innovation. What’s really remarkable, however, is that the design won’t choke your canine friend.

10Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness by One Tigris 

If you have a service dog, we recommend the Tactical Dog Molle Vest complete with detachable pouches. This easy walk harness is perfect for training dogs. This is the perfect harness for companion dogs as they can technically carry with them all of your essential things. Put your magazine, your water bottles, or even your food in any of the three fully detachable pouches. The Tactical has modular lightweight load-carrying equipment (MOLLE) on both sides making it superbly useful for those lengthy treks. The back of the Tactical is made of a Velcro panel for attaching your favorite patches. The chest strap is made of super soft and ultra-comfortable material so there’s no added stress on your mutt. An easy-release buckle allows for superb fastening. Both the webbing and the vest are made of high grade 1000D nylon.

What We Like about It – The Tactical may actually look more like what we see in service dogs in the military. However, it can also serve ordinary dog owners exceptionally well, especially those who are fond of the great outdoors.

How We Chose the Top Canine Body Harnesses in Our List

If we were to choose a collar and a leash for our canine friends, then that would be a cinch. Unfortunately, there are certain safety issues when it comes to the use of collars as hyperactive mutts have been known to snap their necks when they resist pulling. Choosing a canine easy walk harness is quite tricky as there are certain things we have to look for.

First, it must be a no pull dog harness. This is very important because we would want our mutt to be comfortable and won’t experience pain in case it does try to pull against the leash. What this does is that the force of the tightening harness is felt under the armpits of our dogs instead of on their necks. We also had to make sure that the contraption that will be wrapped around our dog’s torso does not rub or irritate our furry pal’s skin. This brings us to the next parameter.

The material used in the construction of the device was also evaluated. We had to make sure that those harnesses we have included in our list are made of soft and smooth yet highly durable materials to minimize irritation. This is especially true for a puppy harness as one of the inherent problems in using such devices is that it can pinch our pup’s armpits. This can bring tremendous pain if not skin irritation. The material used must be strong enough to resist the pulling action exerted by our mutts. This is particularly true if you have a rather bulky large breed of dog.

The overall design of the contraption was also carefully considered. We had to make sure that the device can really serve its purpose of restraining our pooch as we take it for a walk. We wouldn’t want the harness to rip at its seams when our mutt suddenly exerts incredible force to break away. The whole point is that the canine easy walk harness must be designed in such a way that it can hold our pet dog without risking any injury to it while affording absolute comfort for our mutt and peace of mind for us, dog owners.

We then looked (read) the different comments and feedbacks of dog owners who have already used the product. This gives us an idea whether our initial assessment are valid or not. We then crossed this with the company’s reputation. The experience of a company making these dog devices are important factors in our consideration.

Why Harnesses are Better than Collars

Both serious dog owners and veterinarians alike recommend using body harnesses for our dogs instead of the collar. Here’s why.

  • Large and muscular dogs are very strong. You can easily lose control of them if you use a collar. A harness can effectively put more control on this rampaging canine.
  • Small breeds and puppies have very delicate anatomies. Harnesses spread the pressure on the body over a much larger area and not just the neck.
  • The risk of injuries to the dog’s trachea and cervical spine is higher when using a collar. This is especially true if the dog is constantly pulling, yanking, or even fighting the leash. As the cervical spine effectively controls all movements and sensations from the shoulder downwards, any injury in this region may lead to serious problems for your canine friend.
  • The risk of entanglement is greater when using a collar as the leash can be wound around the dog’s neck and may even wrap around your legs and other parts of your body. This usually occurs if a hound gets overly excited or even agitated.
  • Studies show that dog harnesses are more effective in dog training as it allows better control especially when your canine friend gets overly excited. There is an additional benefit to an easy training. Your furry friend will learn to associate its harness and leash with things that are fun and pleasurable, like going for a walk or simply socializing with their human masters.
  • Harnesses offer more security when it comes to certain dogs that know how to slide collars off their necks. The adjustability of harnesses also provides additional security.

The Bottom Line

Dogs need to be trained. They also need to exercise. The best way to go about this is to choose from our top 10 dog harnesses so you’ll have a much better and safer outdoor adventures with your pet.

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