If you love your furry four legged friend, you’d do almost anything to keep them safe while also improving their overall appearance. While you can buy doggie clothes to keep your canine friend warm during the freezing months, there is one thing you really need to purchase especially if your Fido loves the great outdoors: dog shoes. That’s why we’re sharing with our avid readers 10 of the best dog boots you can ever give for your beloved pet.

10 Best Dog Boots

1Petacc Dog Shoes by Petacc

One of the most lovable footwear we’ve seen so far is the Petacc Dog Shoes. It’s stylish yet very functional. Made of only the toughest and most durable material giving your canine superb protection for its paws, the Petacc canine shoes is one excellent outdoor footwear for medium to large breeds. The tough construction keeps debris and dirt out while still giving your pooch’s paws the level of comfort they need. While it is durable, it doesn’t get in the way of your mutt’s mobility as it is highly flexible. The outsoles are also integrated with superior grooves allowing for excellent traction, skid-resistance, and waterproofing. Putting the Petacc on is simple enough as the top features a split seam then fastened with a Velcro strap. The lining of the Velcro is fully reflectorized so you’ll have no problems spotting your pet even in low visibility conditions. On the surface of the Petacc dog shoes is a paw embroidery which should be a welcome addition to your pet’s fashion statement.

What We Like about It – The combination of fit, form, and function in the Petacc dog shoes are what many consider to be the true strengths of the canine footwear. And, we’re pretty much inclined to agree.

2Waterproof Dog Shoes with Reflective Velcro and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole by My Busy Dog

If you’re looking for an excellent canine hiking boots, we’d recommend the My Busy Dog Waterproof Dog Shoes. The rubber outsoles of this paw wear are designed with super tough materials capable of protecting your pet’s paws against punctures and other potential injuries while on a hike. The entire boot system is designed with excellent waterproofing technology to keep the paws dry and help prevent the growth and proliferation of microorganisms like mold especially in between the paws. The styling doesn’t disappoint either. You’d be forgiven to think that the paw wear is a small child’s boots because of its unique styling that mimics that of human footwear. The reflective Velcro straps make for a superb aid in keeping an eye on your pooch especially when it ventures out in areas with poor visibility. Just like the Petacc, this footwear easily slips over your pet’s paws because of its wide split seam. Hiking with your pet has never been this safer and more comfortable for your pooch. At least, you can feel more confident about the safety of your pet.

What We Like about It – It’s super stylish and functional, too. The rugged anti-slip sole is superb in protecting your pet’s paws especially during those long hikes.

3Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots by Ultra Paws

Designed specifically for senior mutts who may already have problems with their mobility because of joint and bone problems, the Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots offers amazing protection from slips without negatively impacting their joint mobility. One of the sad aspects of aging is the decrease in mobility. This makes them more prone to musculoskeletal injuries. As such, the combination of thick, comfortable padding and superior grip soles in the Ultra Paws can sure help prevent accidental falls or slips. This dog footwear is made of super lightweight materials so it won’t add to the burden of lifting and moving the legs. The overall construction is made highly flexible to allow for optimum range of motion of the joints so your old mutt will still be able to move as free as possible.

What We Like about It – This Ultra Paws product is fantastic when it comes to providing our mutts with great flexibility, mobility, and traction. By minimizing injuries, we help ensure our senior dogs live up to their golden age free from pain and discomfort.

4Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot by Pawz

If you want dog boots that stay on, then you need the Pawz. This boots for dog paws is especially designed to cling and wrap around your mutt’s paws and lower legs so you can be sure that, no matter how active your mutt gets, the Pawz will definitely stay on. This helps make sure that your pet’s paws are adequately protected every time regardless of its activity level. The Pawz is also superbly engineered and built to protect the paws of your pet from harsh environmental conditions and situations such as the hot surfaces, the presence of chemicals on your lawn, and snow, ice, and ever salt. The best part of the Pawz system is that it’s made of all-natural materials making it highly reusable and also disposable with endangering the environment. It may not be as stylish as some of the doggie boots and shoes in this list but the Pawz sure does a good job protecting our canine friend’s legs and feet.

What We Like about It – The complete wraparound protection afforded by Pawz is commendable. This is where a company’s insistence on functionality over style really pays of making it one of the best dog booties we have seen.

5Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot by Ultra Paws

Fond of taking a hike with your pooch? How about going on a hunting trip with your mutt in tow? If that’s the case, then you’d better have Fido wear the Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot. These canine hiking boots are just perfect for those outdoor adventures that you’re going to have with Fido. The rugged design of its outsoles allow for superb traction and grip over any surfaces whether it is slippery, muddy, or dry. The outsoles is made from recycled tires so you can expect its rubber compounds to offer adequate protection for the paws especially when venturing into the woods where a lot of potential hazards lay in wait. This Ultra Paws product is also easily worn. It’s also water-resistant, skid-resistant, and highly flexible allowing your mutt to play its part in your hunting game. If you take the smallest size, it can actually be a great puppy booties for your little pets.

What We Like about It – It’s flexible yet highly durable. This is what many customers love about this particular Ultra Paws footwear.

6Petacc Dog Boots by Petacc

Love the Petacc dog shoes but are quite put off by the style? Well, how about the Petacc boots instead? Like the other Petacc product, this one is ingeniously designed with superb paw protection afforded by its super thick padded outsoles. This helps guarantee protection against accidental cuts which might get infected if you’re not careful. The rubber outsole has a well-designed tread pattern allowing for superior grip. It’s flexible enough not to get in the way of your mutt’s mobility. It can readily chase away at its prey or even enjoy playing with you outdoors without having to worry about the Petacc ever slipping off its paws. It’s also waterproof and comes with a reflective Velcro strap giving it superior visibility even in darkened environments. Spotting Fido is no longer a headache.

What We Like about It – Like all Petacc products, this boots for dog paws is excellent for encouraging your pooch to enjoy playing outdoors in a very safe manner.

7Hiado Waterproof Pet Boots with Anti Slip Rubber Soles for All Weather by Hiado

Looking for dog rain boots? How about something for snowy conditions or even for the hot summer months? For fantastic all-weather protection, your Fido will need the Hiado Pet Boots that feature exceptional all weather proofing. This means rain or shine, freezing or scorching, the sensitive paws on your pet’s legs will stay protected, safe, and comfortable all year round. The rugged design of the Hiado’s outsole also lend first-rate anti-slip protection, paving the way for a much safer playtime as well as exercise over any terrain. This makes it a brilliant canine hiking boots as well. It’s got a breathable mesh covering to keep the paws fresh and cool. Reflective materials adorn the Velcro straps to keep optimum visibility wherever Fido ventures into especially in low light situations. The beautiful styling of the Hiado does a spectacular job of stamping a canine fashion statement that is best described as luxurious.

What We Like about It – Hiado’s splendid styling and construction makes it an ideal footwear for our beloved pets. Personally, we love the use of mesh covering while retaining its waterproofing ability.

8Waterproof Durable Dog Boots for Snow with Rubber Sole Grip by Moonsea

Do the puppy booties you just bought come off after a few strides in the snow? Maybe you need dog boots that stay on. The Moonsea Waterproof Durable Canine Boots is especially designed for mutts in locations where it’s snowing all year round as well as in other areas where you have seasonal snow. The material used in its construction gives the Moonsea first-rate protection from slips while keeping the paws warm and comfy in snowy conditions. Because it’s waterproof, Fido can also wear it during rainy days without worry of paws getting wet and moldy. The sole is designed to be breathable, too, keeping bad odors at bay.

What We Like about It – The Moonsea is fabulous especially when it comes to snowy environments. The waterproofing and warmth of its design make it ideal in the cold.

9Grip Trex All Terrain Paw Wear for Dogs by Ruffwear

The Grip Trex is one of the best dog booties you can ever buy for your pooch regardless of where you live. Its all-terrain construction makes it ideal either for work or for play, giving your mutt superb protection for its paws. The thick Vibram outsole is also guaranteed to never leave any marks on your precious floor surfaces while maintaining an excellent grip. It’s got reflective trims giving optimum visibility especially when you’re out on an early morning walk or even on a late evening stroll. The Grip Trex also has a brilliant mesh covering giving optimum comfort as well as a fabulous cooling effect on your pet’s paws. Overall, the Grip Trex is one dog footwear you and your pet will love.

What We Like about It – The Grip Trex has a fantastic combination of fashionable styling, ample sole protection, and superior grip and traction all rolled into one fantastic product.

10SOMAN All Weather Dog Shoes with Reflective Velcro Straps by SOMAN 

If you look at the SOMAN All Weather Dog Shoes, you’ll be instantly reminded of the boots worn by firefighters because of its high cut design and the presence of two highly reflective bands on the length of the boot. The outsole of the SOMAN is engineered for optimum grip while its body gives first-rate waterproofing and debris protection. The reflective stripes allow for easy spotting in poorly lit environments. The interior is lined with fleece to give your mutt the kind of comfort that it really needs while walking, running, or jumping with the SOMAN conveniently in its place. It may have a very unpretentious design but the SOMAN makes for a fantastic outdoor footwear for any mutt.

What We Like about It – The high cut design of the SOMAN adds protection to a greater portion of your mutts’ legs. The added comfort lining is also amazing.

How We Chose the Canine Footwear in Our List

Choosing the most suitable footwear for canines is more about looking at the functionality or utility of the footwear rather than its style, although we have to admit that many pet owners would also want their pooches to sport a really stylish 2 pairs of shoes. Since footwear is primarily intended to protect the paws of our furry friends, in the same way that our footwear protects our feet, we had to carefully consider its construction. It must be tough and offers excellent padded protection for canine paws. While dogs are typically lighter weight compared to humans, the effect of gravity on their bodies will still expose them to punctures, scrapes, and other potential injuries. Additionally, if they have cuts, then microorganisms found in the soil can enter through the break in the skin and can potentially cause an infection which will require a trip to your vet. So, the best boots for dog paws should be tough and provide excellent protection.

Secondly, we looked at some of the features of the dog shoes. Some are designed specifically as dog rain boots which is excellent for pooches who love playing in the rain or even going to places with puddles of water. This keeps their paws dry and prevent the development of fungus. These canine footwear have to be flexible as well so that it won’t necessarily hamper with our pet’s optimum mobility. Moreover, the footwear must be easily worn by our pets. If it is very challenging to put it on, then you might as well discard it altogether. Other qualities we looked for included comfort wear and skid resistance.

Lastly, we analyzed the comments, feedbacks, and reviews of dog owners and even veterinarians who have already used the product on their pets. These feedbacks gave us an idea whether we are on the right track in our choices or not.

Why You Need to Measure Your Pooch’s Paws when Buying Boots or Shoes

In choosing the best dog boots for your beloved pet, it is important to choose one that fits your pet’s paws. Too small and your pet might not be comfortable wearing it. Additionally, the circulation to your mutt’s paws and lower legs may be impeded leading to a variety of health problems. Too large and you’ll see the booties flying off in different directions with each step that your pooch will make. Moreover, your pet will also not feel comfortable wearing it. It is therefore, very important to measure your pooch’s paws correctly before ordering its own canine footwear.

There are several methods of measuring the paws of dogs. These can include the following.

  • Place the paw of your pooch on blank paper. First, get the length of its paw by drawing a line in front of its toenail as well as behind its paw. Determine the distance between the front and back lines to get the length. Secondly, draw lines on both the right and left sides of the paw. Measure the distance as well. Never trace the paw as it often leads to inaccurate measurements.
  • You can place your dog’s paw over a tape measure or even a ruler. Use this to measure both the width and length of the paw.
  • Moisten the paw of your pooch and create an imprint on a piece of paper. Take the length and width measurements. Make sure to include the length of the toenails.

The Bottom Line

Our pets need to be protected every time to venture outside our homes. With the 10 best dog boots, you can now ensure this while also giving them optimum comfort and style.

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