All pets require a home. Fishes have their aquariums complete with aquatic plants with which to rest. Birds and hamsters have their cages and sleeping quarters and dogs have their kennels, crates, and beds, too. If you have a cat, then your feline friend must have its own bed as well, don’t you think? Unless, of course, you’re comfortable with your kitty sleeping anywhere, then you won’t need any of our 10 best cat beds in 2016. For sure, you want them to feel comfortable resting as well.

10 Best Cat Beds | Review

1Thermo Kitty Heated Cat Bed by K&H Manufacturing

While kitties are warm-blooded, they will still need something warm to sleep on to help aid in their thermoregulation. This is especially true if your feline friend happens to be already in its golden years or perhaps afflicted with an articular health problem like arthritis. The Thermo Kitty Heated cat bed provides just enough warmth to keep your kitty comfortable. More importantly, the heat will help loosen up knotted muscles while also expanding the joint capsule so that the adjoining bony surfaces will be able to move efficiently. This allows for optimum mobility enabling your kitty to jump fences, climb trees, and do all those predatory actions that it is genetically born to do. And if in case you’re worrying about your electric consumption, the Thermo Kitty runs only on 4 watts so it shouldn’t be that much of a burden. The walls of the Thermo Kitty are made of soft foam so your tubby can lie in absolute comfort. At any rate, you’re ensuring optimum health and wellness for your feline friend.

What We Like about It – K&H Manufacturing is one of the well-established brands when it comes to pet products, particularly beddings. And this is very evident in the number of rave reviews of the Thermo Kitty. Personally, the integrated heater is a big plus especially for those with kitties who may have musculoskeletal conditions either because of old age or because of a disease process.

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2Curious Cat Cube Cat House/Condo by MidWest Homes for Pets

Cats are natural predators. That’s why we always see them perched high up on a branch of a tree or even on your fence. They always like to stay up high because, as animal behaviorists put it, they have a much better view of crawlers, critters, and other prey that may be present on the floor below them. While the Curious Cat Cube Cat House/Condo is neither a tree nor a fence, it does provide a feeling of being on top for your feline friend. Just consider a box with a large oval opening on one side and several smaller oval holes on the other sides. Covering this box is a soft and comfy bed which is perfect for perching your feline up high. Technically, the Curious Cat serves two purposes: one for resting and one for playing. Either the private den or the padded top can serve as a sleeping area for your kitty. The private den or hideaway can also serve as a play area for your feline as it comes with two jingle balls that dangle on the sides your pet can play with. It’s the perfect tool for promoting feline wellbeing as you are not only looking after your kitty’s rest and sleep needs, you are also tending to their play and exercise requirements. Made of faux suede, the Curious Cat is easy enough to clean and should be a great addition to your collection of furniture at home.

What We Like about It – The integration of a private den and a bed topper is amazing. We know you’ll also love the idea that it can serve to help your feline in a variety of ways.

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3Cave Shape Pet Cat Beds by Armarkat

Remember what we said about cats being natural predators? Well, part of being a natural predator is being able to stay hidden so that prey won’t see them. That’s why many large felines in the wild stay well hidden in logs as well as caves with their eyes at a level just high enough for them to see their prey without revealing their position. That’s why many pet owners love the Cave Shape Pet Cat Beds because of its unique cave-like design. It has a very spacious interior so your kitty can freely move about. It’s a great sleeping den, too, offering optimum comfort and privacy for your kitty. The soft velvet make allow for a more comfortable and restful sleep while its base is fully integrated with a skid-resistant material keeping the Cave right where it should be regardless of how active your kitty is during sleep. The bedding is made of ultra-thick polyester filling giving a sensation of lying on a bed of air. And since it’s filled with poly, you can bet that it will retain its form even after how many years of feline use and abuse. Worried it might get soiled easily? Well, just pop it in your washing machine and it’ll be like brand new.

What We Like about It – It may not have the capability to warm your pet but the Cave does provide privacy, comfort, and the inherent need of cats to feel like natural predators.

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4Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed by Aspen Pet

Many pet owners like to have a thermal bed for their thin and sickly cats as well as senior felines. Unfortunately, many do not like the idea of having to plug these beds for a long period of time as it does add to one’s electric power consumption. If this is a major concern for you, then you might want to get the Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed. As the name implies, you don’t need to plug the Aspen to any electrical outlet as the bedding itself is already integrated with a self-warming material. This material uses the cat’s own body heat to generate and reflect warmth back to your pet feline. Aspen Pet says the technology used in this particular product is the same as what we see in space blankets offering superb lightweight, durable, and sturdy qualities. Its circular design lets your feline curl up while sitting making it more comfortable for it to sleep. This Aspen product is perfect for senior kitties.

What We Like about It – The self-warming technology built into the padded layer of the Aspen in remarkable. At least, you don’t need to worry about paying for additional electricity. It should also be safe for your pet.

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52-in-1 Tube Cat Mat and Bed by Kitty Shack

One of the bestsellers when it comes to beds and blankets for felines is the 2-in-1 Tube Cat Mat and Bed. This Kitty Shack creation is made of a super plush material that has superb electrostatic properties. What it does is that it attracts hair or fur that have been shed by your pet. This makes it easier to collect and dispose of later on. You need not worry anymore about fur or hair being shed and left on your precious upholstery or even carpet. This is a welcome feature especially if you have members of your household who are allergic to pet fur. The other good thing about the Kitty Shack Tube is that it has a fully integrated self-warming material so it is also ideal to use on your aging cats or simply to provide warmth to your feline during those cold winter nights. And since it is self-warming, there’s no worry about added burden to your electricity. The Kitty Shack serves two purposes: as a really private sleeping quarters and as a play mat. Just unzip the Kitty Shack and unfold it to serve as your cat’s luxurious play area. Of course, you’ll have to provide its own set of playthings.

What We Like about It – It’s lightweight, very portable, and very easy to clean. You’d be happy to bring this along anywhere you and your feline friend will go.

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62-in-1 Pet Bed Snooze Tunnel and Mat by PARTYSAVING

If the Kitty Shack Tube appealed to you but would like it slightly tent-like, then maybe the 2-in-1 Pet Bed Snooze Tunnel and Mat is a much better option. This PARTSAVING product is pretty much like the Kitty Shack. It’s made of a self-warming material to keep your pet warm and cozy inside the tent-like tunnel. It also folds out easily into one luxurious play mat for your furry friend. It also comes with electrostatic properties to help trap loose hair so you’ll feel a lot safer for certain members of your family while also keeping your furniture, floor, and other items in the house free from shed hair. What is really fascinating about the PARTYSAVING creation is its faux Sherpa liner that provides ultra-soft comfort for your pet making sleep time a really enjoyable time. If your pet already has its own crate, you can still use the PARTYSAVING as a warm, cozy, and super-comfy bedding. Now, you’re guaranteed to have a happier cat in your very own home.

What We Like about It – The PARTYSAVING’s unique tent-like design makes it sturdier when propped up instead of a tubular or cylindrical construction. The Sherpa lining, while not authentic, clearly provides a luxurious look.

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7Tent Bed for Pets by Best Pet Supplies, Inc.

If you require a no-nonsense bed for your kitty, then the Tent Bed for Pets is the one to get. The squarish bottom is fully layered with an anti-slip material to keep the Tent where it should be. The dome-like shape allows for a more spacious interior giving you cat plenty of room to maneuver around inside. The interior lining is also made of soft materials, albeit non-electrostatic, to give optimum comfort. The cushion can be easily removed and machine washed for ease of maintenance. The whole system can actually be machine washed. Your pet will have the utmost privacy it needs while it heads to slumber land. If it is small enough, it might even turn the Tent into its own play area.

What We Like about It – The Tent’s simple design appeals mostly to individuals who prefer unpretentious pet products. Since there are no zippers nor any fancy mechanisms for its use, this is ideal for pet owners who want a very simple product their beloved friends will call home.

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8Cat Mat Leopard Prints by Purrfect Thermal

While the PARTYSAVING and the Kitty Shack are cat mats that can be zipped up to become a pet house or tube, the Purrfect Thermal Cat Mat is plain and simple feline mat. There’s no zipper mechanism that you can close to form a tent or tube. It nevertheless, come with self-warming technology that draws heat from your pet’s body and warming it continuously for hours without the need for plugging the mat into an electric outlet. It is thus, perfect for those who need a thermal blanket for their aging pets as well as cats that may have problems regulating their very own temperatures such as those that are sick, recovering from injury or illness, or even nursing cats. Kittens will also benefit from the warmth generated by the self-warming technology of the Purrfect Thermal. And since it’s technically a mat, you can place it on almost any other surface to help protect that surface while keeping your cat comfortable, warm, and cozy in its leopard printed bedding. The mat is fully reversible so if you’re already bored with the leopard prints, you can flip it on its reverse and use the solid black berber fleece that looks equally stunning.

What We Like about It – The lightweight materials used in the Purrfect Thermal make it an ideal thermal blanket for cats that need continuous warmth.

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9Armarkat Cat Bed by Armarkat

If you don’t like a very simple dome design for a cat bed, maybe the inverted pot shape design of the Armarkat Cat Bed will prove interesting enough. It has a flat top unlike the pointed dome of other designs. While the top may be flat, it is not really intended for your pet to lie on it or make it as its sleeping area as it will usually collapse. However, if your pet is light enough, then it should be able to handle the weight pretty well. What is amazing about this Armarkat product is just how pet owners seem to be raving about it. They all say how perfectly fitting the size is for their cats. The wide opening also allows for ease of entry and egress. The cave-like design is perfect for felines who prefer living out their natural predatory instincts rather than on an open basket-like bed. The extra-thick padding both on the sleeping surface and the walls keep your pets warm and comfy. Made of soft velvet, the Armarkat base is also lined with a skid-resistant material so there’s no worry of it tipping over.

What We Like about It – This Armarkat creation has a simple yet truly functional and useful design. Its machine washability should also come as an added bonus.

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10Aspen Round Bed by Aspen Pet 

Want something looking luxurious for your pet cat? Then get the Aspen Round Bed. From the moment you’ll open this from its packaging, your feline will never get out of it ever again, except of course to do its thing. This Aspen product is made of only the plushest materials you can ever find to give your pet the kind of comfortable luxury it deserves. And it’s machine washable, too.

What We Like about It – The Aspen Round Bed has a very straightforward design great for pet owners who want something very simple yet functional.

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How We Chose the Top Cat Beds in Our List

Picking the right feline sleeping quarters was kind of fun. Our researchers had a heyday scouring the various online commerce sites, going through heaps of reviews, to come up with this list. So, how did we do it?

Well, comfort was the primary parameter in our search. We knew that cats would definitely love sleeping or even resting in a place that is comfortable for them. As such, we had to examine the materials used in the manufacture of the product. It was imperative that the level of comfort is just right; not too soft, not too firm.

The ease of cleaning and maintenance of the feline bed was also duly noted. While the product may be comfortable to rest or sleep on, if it is quite tedious to maintain, then odors and stains might not be sufficiently removed. Cats don’t want to rest in a dirty environment even if it is cozy and comfy for them. As such, the product must also be easily washable either by hand or by machine, although we guess most of us would really prefer a machine washable item.

Now, since we’re talking about cleaning, repeated washings can somehow degrade the integrity of the product. Thus, this formed the third component of our search. Its construction must be durable enough to withstand repeated washings and cleanings. It should still be able to hold its original form even after how many years of feline use. If not, then you’d be spending more dollars on a cat bed that you’ll be replacing after only several months of use. Now, that wouldn’t really be practical, would it?

Other features of these products were also identified and analyzed for their usefulness and the benefits they bring to our cats. For instance, if there is memory foam or even a thermal blanket integrated into the bed, then we know that it is designed primarily for felines with skeletal and articular problems or even those that are already very old.

Like we already said above, our researchers went through heaps of comments and feedbacks about each of these products. We had to gain an idea as to their personal experiences with the use of these products. These somehow provided us a glimpse as to the cat bed’s level of comfort, ease of maintenance, and durability. If these parameters were also mentioned in the various customer reviews, then we know we’re on the right track.

Lastly, there are some companies who really do a better job at designing and manufacturing cat beds than any other pet product. So, we considered this, too.

Choosing a Cat Bed is All about Our Cat’s Personality

Choosing a bed for your cat should not really be difficult. While you may think that it’s all about comfort and style, it all actually boils down to how well you understand your feline pet’s personality. You see, there are cats that prefer round beds while some prefer an open area where they can conveniently and easily stretch. Still, there are other kitties that prefer to stay hidden making the prospect of tunnel and cave types of beds and houses very likely. The key therefore in choosing the perfect bed for your cat is in understanding feline language.

For instance, if you observe your pet to curl up every time it sleeps or rests, then a round bed or anything that can conform to its curled body should suffice. If you notice your kitty to be snuggling under several layers of soiled clothes, then you know that it needs something that will keep it hidden from view. This means you’ll have to get those cave-like or tent-like beds. If you see your cat preferring to lying down in the open with its body stretched out like some big kitty in the wild, then a simple mat should suffice.

Our cats provide us with the clues to what they want. That is why before clicking on that “buy me” button, you need to observe the behavior of your pet. This makes perfect sense as getting something it will not like will only be a waste of money and effort on your part.

The Bottom Line

Our pets deserve to rest and sleep in a very comfortable manner. With the 10 best cat beds, you can now give the optimum level of comfort for your cats, enabling them to develop and grow healthier and happier.

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